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Astralis and NIP to Join Copenhagen Gaming Week Invitational


Copenhagen Gaming Week provides qualified teams from Northern Europe with the opportunity to compete against the world-renowned Astralis and NIP in the recently announced tournament, held in collaboration with BLAST in January 2024.

Photo: Copenhagen Gaming Week
Photo: Copenhagen Gaming Week

When Copenhagen Gaming Week takes place from January 12th  to 14th, 2024, one of the highlights of the extensive program will be a Counter-Strike 2 tournament featuring two of the world's best teams. Danish Astralis and Swedish NIP can look forward to facing each other in the tournament with the possibility of an all-Nordic final showdown on Sunday, January 14th, at Bella Arena. Copenhagen Gaming Week debuts with two of the biggest teams in Counter-Strike history on stage for a tournament, a prospect that both Astralis, NIP, and Bellagroup are eagerly anticipating.

“It is very special for us to perform on home turf in front of the always numerous Danish fans; it is almost a guarantee of fantastic support for our players. We are delighted to be invited and to participate in the tournament, where both NIP and we are among the teams fighting for the inaugural trophy," says Astralis' Director of Sports, Kasper Straube, and continues:

"In general, there aren't many opportunities for us to play in front of our Danish fans, so, of course, we are looking forward to being part of the festival, and we will do everything to ensure the audience has a great Counter-Strike experience."

Jonas Gundersen, COO of NIP Group, also expresses support:

“We are pleased to participate in and support the first, hopefully of many, editions of Copenhagen Gaming Week, and we hope to provide the many dedicated Danish - and perhaps also Swedish - fans with a good experience in Bella Arena. Initiatives like Copenhagen Gaming Week are immensely important for the continued growth of esports and yet another testimony that the rest of the world can learn a lot from Scandinavia when it comes to the development and execution of the many facets and opportunities of esports.”

Commercial Director at Bellagroup, Kevin Helsinghof, concludes:

"Astralis and NIP are two iconic brands in the world of esports, and in addition to our already announced collaboration with BLAST, we are proud to present the two Nordic rivals in our first tournament. They both bring all the stars, and I believe we can promise the audience a great experience when they take the stage in front of thousands of fans."

Soon, the preliminary qualification rounds will open, where Nordic upcoming teams can compete for the opportunity to go all the way and face the world-renowned champions at Copenhagen Gaming Week, taking place on Saturday and Sunday, January 13-14, 2024. The full tournament schedule is soon to be announced.

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Disclaimer: The professional Counter-Strike scene is undergoing a major shift from the previous version of the game (CS:GO) to the new one (Counter-Strike 2), played at the tournament during Copenhagen Gaming Week 2024. This means that elements of the 2024 calendar are still not finalized. Therefore, a small chance exists that one or both of the teams may have to play in the qualification tournament for the Counter-Strike 2 Major, taking place in Copenhagen later in the year. This implies that the list of participating teams may change, but Copenhagen Gaming Week will announce any potential changes well in advance to all ticket holders and will do its best to replace with another top team.



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