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Bellagroup reaches significant milestones in sustainability efforts and sets ambitious goals for the future


Despite a busy year, Bellagroup broadened its sustainability focus in 2023. The hospitality company is now a quarter of the way towards being net zero by 2050 after just four years. Simultaneously Bellagroup has implemented new climate measurement initiatives and secured a certification within several ISO standards. Now a B Corp certification process awaits along with efforts to involve customers and suppliers more deeply in the company’s ESG initiatives.

Photo: Bellagroup
Photo: Bellagroup

All while hosting numerous large congresses, launching new B2C focused festival formats, and accommodating thousands of hotel guests, Bellagroup, as part of its "Responsible Hospitality" strategy, has intensified sustainability initiatives across the group, which includes the venues, Bella Center Copenhagen and Bella Arena, alongside the internationally acclaimed hotel brands, AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen, Copenhagen Marriott Hotel, and Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers.

With an overall reduction of 27% in all scope 1, 2, and 3 CO2e emissions from 2019 to 2023, the company is now a quarter of the way towards its goal achieving net zero operations by 2050. This is the clear message to be found in Bellagroup's recently published ESG report, summarizing the company's 2023 results and future ambitions.

Success with ISO certifications and climate accounting leads the way

In 2023, an internal management system for ISO 14001 and 20121 standards for environmental management and sustainable events was implemented across Bellagroup, leading to a successful external certification of the entire group by the end of the year. Thus, Bellagroup has become the first ISO double-certified combined venue and hotel platform in Denmark.

At the same time, Bellagroup has implemented a business-integrated climate reporting system, allowing for the mapping of all scope 1, 2, and 3 CO2e emissions across the group's units. Climate impact development is based on pre-pandemic numbers from 2019, which Bellagroup now uses to measure and benchmarks reductions towards 2050.

"Our new climate reporting approach provides us with a detailed overview of our scope 1, 2, and 3 CO2e emissions, including how they have evolved over the years and where we need to focus in the future. It's an ongoing process, but in 2024, these data will form the basis for setting and validating our Science Based Targets (SBTi)," says Director of Responsible Hospitality at Bellagroup, Frida Ulrik-Petersen, elaborating:

"A reduction of more than 25% in four years is certainly a gratifying confirmation that we are on the right track. But having said that, there is still a lot of work to be done."

Customers and suppliers must be on board with ambitions and efforts

Bellagroup emphasizes the necessity of external collaboration on the sustainability agenda. Despite a reduction in the company’s overall climate footprint, it is clear that the majority of Bellagroup’s reduction is associated with its own operations of events, venues, and hotels, including scope 1 and 2. Therefore, Frida Ulrik-Petersen points to an increased need for joint efforts:

"Knowledge sharing and collaboration with our customers and suppliers is the way forward if we are truly to succeed in making an industry like ours greener. As a first step, we in Bellagroup have recently begun developing individual climate reports for large-scale events held at Bella Center Copenhagen. By sharing these with our customers, we enable transparency and promote data-driven decisions, so that together we can increase our sustainability ambitions," says Frida Ulrik-Petersen, concluding:

"Sustainability work extends widely and is not limited solely to the question of climate and CO2 emissions. Therefore, in 2024, we are also starting the process of getting Bellagroup B Corp certified. This is a concrete way to show ourselves and the world that we are taking action and have a vision for the broader sustainability picture, locally, nationally, and internationally."

Selected milestones for Bellagroup’s work with Responsible Hospitality in 2023

  • Implementation of ISO 14001/20121 management system across Bellagroup, including our three hotels and Bella Center Copenhagen – certified in Q1 2024
  • Mapping of CO2e scope 1, 2, and primary scope 3 emissions through corporate climate reporting system
  • Implementation of Viima chemical-free cleaning at all of Bellagroup’s hotels
  • Completion of 16,000m2 roof integrated solar panel park at Bella Center Copenhagen’s roof
  • New partnerships for redirection of waste streams to upcycling
  • Implementation of child leave framework for rainbow families
  • Commitment to setting science-based targets (SBTi)
  • Co-signatory of UNGC CEO statement presented at COP28
  • Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers awarded the international HSMAI sustainability award

Selected ambitions for Bellagroup’s work with Responsible Hospitality in 2024

  • Definition and submission of science-based targets (SBTi)
  • Mapping and reporting on scope 1,2, and 3 emissions from large events held in one or more of Bella Center Copenhagen’s halls
  • Installation of 5,500 new LED light fixtures at AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen – 120 tons CO2e emission reduction annually
  • Reduced food waste from food production by 10% on group level
  • Increase renewable energy utilization percentage on group level by 8.5% compared to 2022 baseline
  • Reduce scope 1 and 2 energy consumption on group level by minimum 5% compared to 2022 baseline
  • Reduce waste climate footprint by 5% on group level compared to 2022 baseline
  • Launch internal Responsible Hospitality training
  • Completion of double materiality assessment (DMA)
  • Obtain final ISO 14001/20121 certifications across Bellagroup, including all three hotels and Bella Center Copenhagen
  • B-Corp certification on group level, covering Bella Center Copenhagen and all three hotels


You can find Bellagroup’s Responsible Hospitality ESG report 2023 by clicking this link.




Bellagroup Responsible Hospitality ESG Report 2023
Bellagroup Responsible Hospitality ESG Report 2023
Bellagroup Responsible Hospitality ESG Report 2023
Bellagroup Responsible Hospitality ESG Report 2023
Bellagroup Responsible Hospitality ESG Report 2023
Bellagroup Responsible Hospitality ESG Report 2023

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About Bellagroup

Bellagroup is one of Denmark's largest companies in the fields of hotels, conferences, events, and hospitality.

The venue division consists of the congress, event, and meeting destinations Bella Center Copenhagen, Bella Arena, and Bella Sky Conference & Event, CIFF Showrooms, and International House. Bellagroup's in-house produced major events include CIFF - Copenhagen International Fashion Fair, Bogforum, and Copenhagen Gaming Week.

Bellagroup operates three hotels with internationally renowned brands: Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen, and Copenhagen Marriott Hotel, totaling nearly 1,600 rooms.

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