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Have the 2023 Men’s IHF World Handball Championship partners made an impression?

World Men's Handball Championship is a popular event in Scandinavia that gathers thousands to the matches and in front of the screens. In this piece, we have explored the impression sponsors had among the general population in Scandinavia and fans of the handball championship.

Half of the adult population in Scandinavia (48%) watched all or some of the matches during the World Men's Handball Championship. Especially the Danes, who got to experience the team becoming world champion for the third time in a row, were glued to the screens. 64% of the Danes watched some of the matches compared to 36% of Swedes and 44% of Norwegians.

Did the sponsors make an impression?

The official 2023 IHF Men’s Handball Championship Partners that we highlight in this piece are Lidl, Falken Tyre, Trivago, Blåkläder, and NOCCO, along with the IHF partner hummel.

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All the sponsors registered better ad awareness scores among viewers than in the general population in Scandinavia. Blåkläder and Trivago’s ad awareness scores were 9 percentage points higher among viewers than non-viewers. Trivago did especially well in Sweden, with a difference of 18 points between viewers and non-viewers.

Lidl advertised on many platforms but still saw a significant difference of 8 points, and so did hummel (+6%)

Results for Falken Tyre and NOCCO were slightly less impressive. Falken Tyre is less well-known than the other brands in Scandinavia, which we highlight in this piece, and this seems to affect ad awareness. Falken Tyre saw the smallest difference of +2 points between viewers and non-viewers.

NOCCO saw a difference of 2 points in Scandinavia but did better in Sweden, where we see a difference of 8 points between viewers and not viewers.


YouGov surveyed 1013 Danes, 1010 Swedes, and 1005 Norwegians using standardized online interviews. The surveys were conducted between January 20 - 31, 2023. The results are representative of the population aged 18 and over.



Matthew Smith
Head of Data Journalism @mattsmithetc


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