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11 February 2021


Results of refinancing

The Nykredit Group has conducted the bond sales in connection with the refinancing of ARMs based on the "refinancing price" principle. The interest rates will be reset on 1 April 2021.

The loans are funded by way of SDOs issued out of Capital Centre H.

For a personal borrower with a 30Y annuity loan, interest rate reset results in the following cash rates:

 ARMs funded by 1Y SDO (Apr22)
ARMs funded by 3Y SDO (Jan24)
ARMs funded by 5Y SDO (Jan26)
Cash rate -0.13%-0.28%-0.20%

For detailed information on the auction results, please refer to and For information on the bond sales, please refer to

Enquiries may be addressed to Lars Mossing Madsen, Funding & Capital, tel +45 44 55 11 66 or Corporate Communications, tel +45 44 55 14 50.


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