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Q4 2020 
Consolidated Revenue: €45.3m
Organic Growth: + 13.0%
EBITDA margin: 16.8%

The revenue for the fourth quarter of 2020 amounts to €45.3m and does not include the French business activities that were sold at the end of the 3rd quarter.
The EBITDA margin is 16.8% and organic growth stands at +13.0%.
For 2020, the revenue amounts to €212.5m, with an EBITDA margin of 13.9%.
This revenue only includes the first three quarters of the French business activities that were sold at the end of September.
Organic growth for 2020, without the French business activities, amounts to 9.2%.
The net cash position, former standards, excluding all the IFRS 16 adjustments, amounts to €105.8m, after the advance on dividends paid during the second semester.

The 2021 budget provides for organic growth at 13% and an EBITDA margin of 13% using as a starting point the 2020 revenue restated for the French activities sold, in other words €169.2 m.

The current perimeter is ideal for establishing precise detailed forecasts over a four-year period.
Hence our posting online today on our Website of a document summarising the main elements concerning:
- The Group’s current status,
- The strategy over the next four years,
- The 2021 budget,
- The 2021-2024 business plan,
- The elements likely to improve our future performance.

The definition of the alternative performance indicators is to be found on page 15 of the 2019 financial report.

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