Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark now advises against all unnecessary travel


Effective today and for a period of one month, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark advises against all non-essential travel worldwide. This advice thus covers the period from 13 March until the end of the Easter holiday, Monday 13 April.

The ministry has thereby changed its travel advice for all of the world to an “orange” risk classification or higher (“red”).

“The top priority of the Government is the safety and security of Danes. Therefore, we are sending a clear message and advising against all non-essential travel worldwide. The message to Danes is clear, simple and serious. You should refrain from travelling unless it is absolutely necessary. If you are already abroad as a traveller, you should return home as quickly as possible,” says Minister for Foreign Affairs Jeppe Kofod.

The decision to advise against all non-essential travel worldwide is based on a number of factors:

  • Strict travel restrictions in other countries, some of which were implemented on short notice. These restrictions cover local transport as well as entry and departure from the country. Thus, travellers can no longer be certain whether they will be able to travel freely, or if they will be quarantined upon entry and/or have difficulty finding a means of returning to Denmark.
  • The number of infected persons continues to increase in many countries, and there is a risk that Danes can contribute to the spread of contagion around the world.
  • Many popular travel destinations, particularly outside of Europe, may have a less well-equipped healthcare system than the Danish health service.

What does orange mean for me?

If you are presently abroad as traveller and want to return home to Denmark, the new travel advice means that:

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark strongly encourages you to return home immediately.
  • You must contact your travel agency and insurance company if you have questions about how you can return home.
  • If outbound travel from the country is not possible, you can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark Global Help Desk 24 hours a day (bbb@um.dk or +4533921112)
  • You should check the local restrictions in the country where you are located.
  • You are encouraged to register on “Danskerlisten” – the list of Danes abroad – via www.um.dk or using the Rejseklar app. Danskerlisten is the fastest way for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark to send you information about the country in which you are located.

This change in travel advice does not mean that the Danish borders are being closed for entry by Danes or others who live in Denmark when returning home from travel abroad.

If you have plans to travel abroad between now and 13 April, you must be aware of the risks of such travel. The local restrictions may change with very short notice. There is a risk that countries will be quarantining travellers upon arrival, or a risk that you might contribute to spreading contagion.

“We all have a responsibility to each other, and we must all do our part to ensure that we make it through this difficult global situation in the best possible way. There is no doubt that Danes generally take the situation very seriously and are actively seeking information about the measures they should take. This is a reflection of the social consciousness and responsibility that is needed at present. And there is good reason to praise Danes for these efforts,” says Minister for Foreign Affairs Jeppe Kofod.

To be clear, the advice that Danes should return home from abroad applies to travellers.

As Minister for Foreign Affairs Jeppe Kofod stated at the press conference:

“If you are already abroad, you should return home as quickly as possible. This advice does not apply for Danes residing abroad. If your daily life is in a foreign country, the recommendation is that you keep updated on the recommendations and orders of the local authorities.”


For additional press information:

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