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Dansk Supermarked Group commits to 2018 Accord in Bangladesh


Dansk Supermarked Group has signed the new 2018 Transition Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh

The new Transition Accord starts in May 2018, and it is an updated version of the first Accord which entered into force in 2013. Dansk Supermarked Group was one of the signatories in 2013 and with the new commitment the Group will continue its engagement in the Accord’s cooperationbetween global brands, retailers and trade unions.

As a response to the RANA Plaza incident in the spring of 2013, the Accord – formally Bangladesh Accord on Fire & Building safety – was an agreement to make fire and structural improvements in the Bangladeshi Ready Made Garment Industry.

Group Senior Vice President, Textile, in Dansk Supermarked Group, Jette Christiansen, says of the agreement:

- Following Rana Plaza some retailers chose to terminate their agreements with suppliers from Bangladesh. Instead, we chose to uphold part of our textile procurement in the country, as we believe that we can best contribute to improving the conditions by maintaining our presence making and give our backing to the Accord, thereby contributing to ensuring safe and secure conditions.

Although none of the Group’s suppliers were involved in production at Rana Plaza, Dansk Supermarked Group was a signatory from the outset of the Accord, and have worked with producers, suppliers and agents since then to secure gradual improvements within the sector.

Read more about the Accord here: http://bangladeshaccord.org/



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