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From Waste to Art: Beyond the Circular Economy Arti Grafiche Boccia Turns Sixty

SALERNO, Italy, March 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Beyond the circular economy. The 60th year of Arti Grafiche Boccia – The European Boutique of the Graphics Industry, founded in 1961 by Orazio Boccia and now run by his son Vincenzo, former President of Confindustria and President of LUISS, begins under the banner of cultural innovation.

The first project to reflect the company's change of pace (others will follow during the course of the year) has been entrusted to the artist Vincenzo Vavuso, who boasts consolidated experience in the field, and is aimed at enhancing the value of paper scraps produced by rotary presses by transforming them into works of art.

From Waste to Art (Dagli scarti all’Arte) thus becomes a distinctive motif of Arti Grafiche, which will be promoting in the company premises – from the offices to the plant – a ‘diffused museum' of works of art made from paper scraps, thanks to the creation of a workshop that will be made available to painters and sculptors.

The artistic expressions of the renewed existence of paper, one of the oldest and most important materials for the evolution of mankind, will be displayed in the company alongside the printing machines that have accompanied the evolution of Arti Grafiche in a technological journey that has never stopped.

This marks the beginning of a project for a factory that is in tune with the city and, above all, with young people, who will be able to learn the secrets of a profession that is undergoing great change. A profession that, despite the advance of digital technology, maintains its evocative power by accepting the challenges of modernity.

"As a family and as a community of men and women who firmly believe in the value of work and in the centrality of manufacturing" – says Vincenzo Boccia – "we wanted to link the 60th anniversary of Arti Grafiche to cultural avant-garde projects that go beyond the factory gates."

"Going beyond" – Boccia continues – "is the expression of a company's DNA that puts people at the centre in an open, dynamic and inclusive dimension. The journey we are proposing – from tradition to innovation through art – is emblematic of a sustainable industrial civilisation projected towards the future."

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