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Tristan und Isolde – A Tribute to Love


Wagner’s unparalleled love opera in a new production at the Royal Danish Opera.

Tristan und Isolde is not merely an opera about love; it represents Richard Wagner’s own unrequited love set to music. Wagner composed this ultimate ode to love while deeply infatuated with a married woman – a passion that ultimately destroyed both his marriage and his relationship with the woman who was the object of his fervent affection.

A dream project
Staging Wagner’s masterpiece is a true labour of love for award-winning Swedish director Sofia Jupither. She sees it as a dream project – a chance to work with Wagner’s magnificent music and timeless love story. While the opera is grand and overwhelming, it’s also an intimate exploration of complex emotions. The love story is deceptively simple, yet deeply complicated, precisely because of its all-encompassing nature.

Tristan und Isolde tells the story of Tristan, tasked with escorting Isolde to her betrothed, König Marke. Bitter over a past conflict, Isolde plans to take revenge on Tristan by poisoning him. However, the intended poison is switched for a love potion. This changes everything, igniting a powerful passion between the two that consumes them entirely.

Wagner’s magnificent music intensifies this passionate love story. Much of the drama unfolds through the music itself – from the orchestra’s opening unresolved chords, drawing us into a world of dark longing, to Isolde’s ecstatic Liebestod in the final act. This emotional journey is truly unparalleled in the world of opera.

Stellar singers
Swedish soprano Elisabet Strid, recognised as one of the world’s leading dramatic sopranos today, takes on the role of Isolde. Opposite her as Tristan is Bryan Register, who captivated Danish audiences in the Royal Danish Opera’s Reumert award-winning production of Wagner’s Die Walküre during the 2021/2022 season. The internationally acclaimed Danish bass Stephen Milling returns as König Marke, alternating with the Royal Danish Opera’s Kyungil Ko. Hanne Fischer, who captivated audiences with her sensational Brangäne in the Royal Danish Opera’s 2019/2020 concert version of Tristan und Isolde, reprises the role in this new stage production.

The performance is conducted by the Royal Danish Orchestra’s Principal Guest Conductor, Paolo Carignani.

Tristan und Isolde | New production | Opera House, Main Stage | 18 May – 08 June 2024
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The Royal Danish Theatre is sincerely grateful to 15. juni Fonden for their generous support of our guest soloists at the Royal Danish Opera.


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