Viggo joins forces with Monta to fuel international expansion for ultra-fast charging business


COPENHAGEN, March 1 2024 - 

Viggo, a Copenhagen-based electric mobility company, offering ride-hailing and ultra-fast EV charging, takes on partnership with back-end provider Monta to gear up for international expansion of ultra-fast charging network.

På billedet ser man ViggoEnergys lynladestandere på Bernstorffsgade i København K. Bag standerne kører en Viggo-bil forbi. Solen skinner.
Viggo and Monta have launched a partnership around the Viggo's charging service, ViggoEnergy. The new partnership will not only improve the charging experience for user. It will also lay the foundation for the international expansion of ViggoEnergy. Foto: Viggo

If you’ve found yourself  in Copenhagen in recent years, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the Viggo brand. With a fleet of more than 300 EV’s, Viggo recently became Denmark’s third largest ride-hailing service and is a familiar sight around Copenhagen. In addition to the electric ride-hailing service, Viggo also operates a network of public ultra-fast charging hubs in urban areas under the name ViggoEnergy.

Today, the ViggoEnergy network consists of five charging hubs with 31 charge points - four hubs in and around Copenhagen and one in Aarhus, but that number is expected to grow substantially in 2024. Viggo expects to grow to +100 charge points with many of these being located outside of Denmark.

“We are introducing ViggoEnergy internationally in 2024 and we expect to close out the year with approximately 40 out of a 100 charge points in large cities outside of Denmark. Specifically, we are looking at Sweden and Germany for the first part of our international expansion.” says Mads Wind, Managing Director in ViggoEnergy.

According to Mads Wind, the new strategic partnership with Monta is an important step in taking ViggoEnergy’s charging network international. 

“Monta is global and has the experience and knowhow to deliver us internationally. Their solution offers scalability which is crucial to us and last but definitely not least, the Monta software is reliable and user-centric to ensure a great charging experience. We are really looking forward to this partnership.”

It is not only in the ViggoEnergy camp that the mood is high as a result of the new collaboration. Monta CEO, Casper Rasmussen also has great expectations, “We are excited to work with Viggo on rolling out ultra-fast charging in Denmark and Europe. Our views on sustainability, user experience and technological approach align, so I expect this partnership to be great”. 

The partnership has already been launched and the Monta software is implemented on ViggoEnergy’s charging stations.

About Viggo

  • Through the company ViggoEnergy, Viggo currently operates five ultra-fast charging stations with 31 charge points

  • The charging stations are located in Aarhus and greater Copenhagen

  • The Charging stations are open to all - no subscription needed. Charging is possible through the Monta app.


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