Nobody believed in EV-ride-hailing Viggo: Now They’re the Third Largest Player in Denmark


In a significant development for Denmark's urban mobility, Viggo, the pioneering all-electric ride-hailing service, has become the nation's third-largest provider. Achieving a fleet of more than 300 electric vehicles, Viggo now only trails behind the century-old Dantaxi and Taxa 4x35. This milestone not only highlights Viggo’s rapid growth but also marks a significant shift towards more sustainable mobility solutions.

Four Black Viggo-Teslas parked in convoy formation on a sunny day in Copenhagen
Viggo's 100% eletric fleet has now grown to 307 EV's, making the young company the third largest in the industry in Denmark Photo: Viggo

Since its inception in 2019 in Copenhagen, Viggo has consistently defied expectations. 2023 was a banner year, with the fleet expanding by 58% and app users growing by 80% to nearly 300,000. These figures underscore Viggo's growing influence in the electric mobility market.

"Our initial vision of an all-electric fleet was met with scepticism by our industry peers.” says Kenneth Herschel, CEO and Co-founder. “Nobody believed it was possible. Yet, our consistent growth is a testament to the changing industry dynamics and consumer preferences towards more environmentally friendly transportation."

Viggo’s success is bolstered by the strategic introduction of ultra-fast charging services under ViggoEnergy, featuring five stations with 31 charge points. This network not only serves the public but is crucial in supporting the company's fleet operations.

Lauge Brænder, Country Director, notes, "The growing preference for electric vehicles, combined with our consistent focus on delivering unparalleled service, has been central to our success."

In 2024, Viggo aims to grow its fleet to 400 cars and project revenue increases of 25% to DKK 350 million. This forecast highlights their commitment to leading the charge in sustainable urban mobility, while continuously innovating to meet market demands.

Viggo's journey is a significant example of a shift towards a more sustainable future, reducing urban carbon emissions and setting new standards in the mobility sector.


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