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Micro Matic strengthens global position through acquisition

The Danish industrial group Micro Matic has entered into an agreement to acquire Disptek Group, including its four companies, Taprite (US), DSI (DE), Vin Service (IT) and Disptek UK (UK), from Aalberts N.V.

Micro Matic, a Danish manufacturer and supplier of keg couplers, keg spears and dispensing solutions, has acquired Disptek Group and thereby strengthened its position as one of the most notable entities in the beverage dispense industry globally. The agreement between Micro Matic and the owners of Disptek Group, Aalberts N.V., has been signed and the transaction is expected to be finalized on August 31th.

The companies within Disptek Group provide a long range of products and services within the beverage dispense industry, including spears, keg couplers, pressure regulators, bar guns, towers, dispensers, and related products.

Anders Nørgaard, Group CFO and interim Group CEO, Micro Matic, says:

- We are excited about this opportunity to welcome Disptek Group and new colleagues to our organization and family. While already having multiple operations around the globe, this acquisition allows us to strengthen our position and deliver even better products and services to our customers globally. We are equally pleased to make this happen by entering into an agreement with a company we have come to know as a well-run and professional organization with a solid and advanced portfolio. We strive to be the leading provider of innovative, high quality dispense solutions, and this is an important step in meeting our ambition.

Disptek Group and its 275 employees are renowned and reputable entities in the global beverage dispense industry, serving thousands of customers in more than 65 countries.

- The acquisition is in line with our strategic ambitions of expanding our operations on a global scale. We aim to accelerate the growth of the new organization by working closely with current management and staff to optimize synergy potential with local Micro Matic offices, says Anders Nørgaard.

Disptek management team says:

- Disptek Group, including Taprite, DSI, Vin Service and Disptek UK, would like to express our gratitude to Aalberts for the support and the achievements we have accomplished together. Joining the Micro Matic family provides great opportunities for accelerating our product development, creating sustainable solutions for the market and enhancing our product innovation capabilities. We are excited about the journey ahead.

Details of the agreement will not be disclosed.

Facts on Micro Matic

Micro Matic is an international industrial group based in Odense, Denmark, with a total revenue of DKK 2 billion, more than 1.000 employees and activities in more than 120 countries. Micro Matic was founded in 1953 and focus on the innovation, development and manufacturing of beverage dispensing equipment and solutions. The company’s shareholders are two families who have an evergreen strategy dedicated to creating value over time by nourishing a culture of customers first, openness and trustworthiness, and delivering uncompromising quality.

Facts on Disptek Group

Disptek Group is a renowned and reputable player in beverage dispense equipment technology with a global reach through multiple strong companies. The group consist of Taprite (US), DSI (DE), Vin Service (IT), and Disptek UK (UK) and conduct activities in more than 65 countries.

Facts on Taprite, DSI, Vin Service and Disptek UK

• Taprite (US) focuses on the production of towers/dispensers, pressure regulators, bar guns and ice chests. They operate in more than 25 countries and employ more than 140 people.

• Vin Service (IT) focuses on towers/dispenser and chillers. They operate in more than 65 countries and employ over 65 people.

• DSI (DE) focuses on the production of spears and couplers. They operate in circa 50 countries and employ about 60 people.

• DISPTEK UK (UK) is a local sales office and refurbishing location to serve the British market.

Facts on Aalberts N.V.

Aalberts develop mission-critical technologies enabling a clean, smart, and responsible future. You will find Aalberts where technology matters and real progress can be made - humanly, environmentally, and financially. With more than 14.500 employees, 130 locations and activities in over 50 countries, Aalberts operates four technology clusters shaping eco-friendly buildings, increasing semicon efficiency, driving sustainable transportation and enhancing industrial niches. This divergence contributes to long-term, balanced, and sustainable profitable growth. It gives us the opportunity to accelerate and develop our mission-critical technologies, end markets and regions simultaneously.


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