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William Demant Foundation donates DKK 3.5 million to UNICEF to help fight coronavirus


With the goal of supporting sustainable healthcare globally, William Demant Foundation has donated DKK 3.5 million (US$ 530,000) to UNICEF and the ACT-A programme to help low- and middle-income countries tackle the coronavirus pandemic. The donation will support the delivery of vital vaccines, health protection equipment, diagnostics and treatment benefitting children, families and healthcare workers in vulnerable communities.

For use of this picture, you must credit © UNICEF/UN0498807
For use of this picture, you must credit © UNICEF/UN0498807

The coronavirus pandemic has had severe impact on communities around the world. Especially in low-income regions. Coronavirus isn’t just crushing fragile health systems; it significantly affects education systems, health services and results in political instability.

Being founded on care and with world health as its key sustainable goal, William Demant Foundation wish to support UNICEF and partners’ aim to stem and hopefully put an end to the coronavirus pandemic. In 2022, the goal is to deliver four billion COVID-19-vaccine doses and in addition 988 million diagnostic tests as well as to support the treatment of 120 million cases and provision of personal protective equipment for 2.7 million health workers.

“When society becomes unstable and adults become ill, the children and their development opportunities are severely affected, and their needs are not met. With our donation, we want to take part in easing the situation for children, families and healthcare workers in vulnerable communities and do our part in getting the world back on its feet. The most important steps on this path are vaccines and sustainable healthcare infrastructure, and we partner with UNICEF to support just that,” says Chairman Lars Nørby, William Demant Foundation.

“We are so grateful that new partners sign up for the fight against COVID-19. The pandemic remains an unprecedented crisis at an unprecedented scale. The consequences are significant globally, so only together it is possible to achieve the extraordinary. The clearest pathway out of the pandemic is to ensure every country has equal access to the tools to fight COVID-19, slow down transmission and curb its spread – tests, treatments, infection control equipment and of course, life-saving vaccines. No one is safe until everyone is safe,” says Director for Partnerships and Programmes, Susanne Dahl, UNICEF.

The donation is directed at UNICEF as the lead implementing partner of ACT-A, which aims to help low-income areas with:

  • In-country delivery of coronavirus vaccines
  • Diagnostic tests and related technical assistance
  • Oxygen systems and novel and repurposed therapeutics
  • Personal protective equipment and supplies for front-line healthcare workers to work safely
  • Risk communication and community engagement to promote the COVID-19-vaccines, tests and treatments

About ACT-A
The Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT-A) is a global collaboration that seeks to accelerate equitable access to COVID-19 tests, treatments and vaccines. UNICEF is fundraising for approximately one-fifth of the ACT-A funding gap, currently estimated to be underfinanced by 42%.

About William Demant Foundation
William Demant Foundation is a charitable foundation with the main purpose to secure the business activities in Demant A/S and to donate a share of its net income to charter-defined charitable causes. In the last ten years, the William Demant Foundation has donated more than DKK 1 billion to different purposes. The focus has been on projects that promote research and knowledge in audiology.

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For use of this picture, you must credit © UNICEF/UN0498807
For use of this picture, you must credit © UNICEF/UN0498807
For use of this picture, you must credit © UNICEF/UN0419318/Dejongh
For use of this picture, you must credit © UNICEF/UN0419318/Dejongh

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