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Visunex Medical Systems Announces $20 Million Investment From Series B Funding

FREMONT CA--(Marketwired - May 05, 2017) - Visunex Medical Systems, manufacturer of advanced wireless, wide-field imaging systems for newborn infants announces it has successfully raised $20 million in a Series B funding. Visunex introduced the first and only wireless digital imaging platform for imaging the eye of neonatal and full term infants. Launched officially outside the US in June 2016, and at the Academy of Ophthalmology in Chicago in October of 2016, the Visunex PanoCam family, the LT and Pro wireless wide-field imaging systems, will soon be joined by a third sibling system in June of this year. The new configuration is intended to expand further the newborn and infant imaging market, as well as provide tools for the pediatric retina and retina segment.

"The interest in the medical investment community to be part of this funding round turned out to be much more than we had anticipated," stated Wei Su, Ph.D., founder, and CEO of Visunex Medical Systems Inc. "This new round of funding brings the total investment into Visunex Medical to $32 million, and will allow the company to expand manufacturing operations to meet the market demand. We will also increase our investment in R&D, including resources, to bring additional products and clinical options through the development pipeline and into the market. The Series B funding allows Visunex to stay on course with our long-term strategy."

"In the past, the market for newborn and pediatric imaging has been primarily centered on the clinical needs of premature infants, retinoblastoma and abusive head trauma. The need for telemedicine solutions and additional qualified and willing clinical readers to enable wide area network screening, have been apparent for some time, and recognized by the medical societies in these segments. The PanoCam family of systems are the first to be designed specifically for these types of scenarios, offering an option for clinicians from the private office to the operating room," stated Paul Kealey, Senior Vice President of Visunex Medical. "The forward-looking product and market strategy encompasses a product portfolio beyond the documentation needs of these segments."

About the PanoCam Digital System

The PanoCam family of wireless wide-field digital imaging systems are the most advanced 130-degree fundus imaging systems available for use on newborn infants and children. The unique wireless technology allows true portability, mobility, and flexibility for NICU, PICU or nursery. The PanoCam systems are the first viable solution for remote imaging and telemedicine, allowing the user to take only the mobile model LT suitcase system around to multiple sites and clinics. Users can also use the unique wireless IRIS hand-held camera only, from either the Pro or new Solo PanoCam system in the custom camera pouch, and image for several hours on a battery charge. No other infant imaging systems offer the unique wireless portability and versatility of PanoCam.

About Visunex Medical

Visunex Medical Systems, Inc. is a medical technology company that develops, manufactures and markets integrated optical systems and services to enhance the clinician's ability to diagnose, manage and treat eye disorders. The PanoCam family of wireless, wide-field integrated digital systems, is revolutionizing the standard of ophthalmologic evaluation in infants and children. The wireless imaging technology, combined with the Telemedicine-ready connectivity and HIPPA compliant cloud storage options, are redefining telemedicine screening for newborns and pediatric ophthalmology.

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Paul Kealey
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