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Mobile RPG ‘King’s Raid’ Set to Launch in European Markets

Mobile RPG “King’s Raid” which was launched in February in Korea, North America and SEA, is officially launching in European Markets (Google Play and Apple App Store) this month.

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“King’s Raid”, an RPG true to its genre, is a Character Collection mobile RPG game full of charming characters and high-end graphics. It is developed and serviced by Vespa Interactive , an ambitious challenger in the game development industry.

The RPG market is the home ground of many large Publishers, such as Netmarble, NEXON and NCSOFT. It is also one of the most competitive markets in the Korean Mobile market.

However, “King’s Raid” developed by Vespa Interactive went viral and became a hot Mobile RPG even with limited marketing and lack of brand recognition. As it slowly made the charts in Popularity and Grossing Sales in both markets, it succeeded in reaching the Top 5 in both major App markets in Korea within a month.

Currently “King’s Raid ” supports English and Korean languages, and upon European launch, will also support German , French and Russian . There are plans to support Spanish and Portuguese in the future.

A Large Scale Story and Delicate Graphics

King’s Raid is a story about Kasel, the Hero chosen by the Holy Sword Aea, and his companions. The story is compiled of various chapters, which are cleared naturally alongside game progression.

Each chapter has several stages linked to the Scenario. When playing a certain stage for the first time, animated cut scenes will occur. There are sub stories prepared for Heroes outside of the main plot as well.

Developed in Unity 3D, “King’s Raid” is a high quality game, boasting a wide World Map alongside spectacular battle scenes. Gigantic dragons and menacing monsters decorate the scene, while the Heroes boast smooth combat movements and delicate facial expressions.

Real Time PvP and Large Scale Raid Content

The main content of “King’s Raid ” includes real-time PvP and Raids. Unlike most other mobile RPGs that do not provide real time PvP, “King’s Raid” allows players to create a deck of 4 Heroes to enter combat with another player, utilizing hero combinations, skill timing, and equipment setting as its major strategic points.

Raids are co-op content requiring 2 or 3 users to bond together to hunt Dragons or other menacing bosses, boasting a scale of action and strategy worthy of its name.

Endless Updates of New Stories and Systems

Vespa Interactive , as a developer pursuing the concept of fun in many aspects, continues to update “King’s Raid” at every opportunity it gets.

Vespa Interactive continues to take in user feedback to further its updates; fixing various bugs, improving the game experience, adding new characters and costumes, and introducing new World Boss Raids and other large-scale content. Vespa Interactive plans to release new events and content.


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