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Ukraine House in Denmark to ensure robust intercultural dialogue between Ukraine and Denmark


The Ukraine House in Denmark civil society organization and the Embassy of Ukraine in Denmark are grateful for the initiative of the Ministry of Culture to allocate 7.6 million kroner of financial support over the course of a three-year period (2022-2025) towards the establishment of a Ukrainian Culture House in Copenhagen. This would serve the long-term need and be a symbol of unprecedented level of support from the Danish government and the Danish people to the people of Ukraine.

According to the Minister of Culture, Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen: “We are informed almost daily of horrible and terrifying atrocities in Ukraine. This horrifying war in Ukraine has also had a considerable impact on the country’s culture. A large part of the population has been forced to flee and require support in preserving and practicing their culture. This holds true for Ukrainians in Denmark, who have expressed a great desire for the creation of a Culture House. The decision to establish a Ukrainian Culture House in Denmark is therefore important and necessary. I hope the Culture House will provide a gathering place, where refugees from Ukraine and Ukrainian permanent residents in Denmark can come together. I also hope that, in time, the Culture House will be a gathering place for both Danes and Ukrainians and contribute to raising awareness about Ukraine’s meaningful cultural heritage and rich cultural life. I believe this will strengthen our countries’ cultural connections – also after the end of the war.”

The Ukraine House in Denmark, the NGO responsible for organizing the Culture House, is a Ukrainian cultural diplomacy civil society organization in Denmark with a mission to create a lasting positive impact of Ukraine on the Ukrainian-Danish collaboration, security, and lasting peace in Europe. The House focuses on robust intercultural dialogue, projects and programs between people and institutions, promoting Ukraine’s cultural heritage, modern culture, innovative and creative entrepreneurship and devising opportunities for Ukraine to interact and cooperate with Denmark and other Nordic countries. In addition to providing a place of community for Ukrainians in Denmark, the House will facilitate a series of cultural activities, such as concerts, art installations, collaborations among the artists on exhibitions, a library service, language courses and book clubs for children and adults.

The Ambassador of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Denmark Mykhailo Vydoinyk says: “I sincerely hope that all parties within the Danish Parliament’s Finance Committee will support the proposal by the Ministry of Culture ( and the Supplementary Appropriation Bill regarding the establishment of the Ukrainian cultural center in Denmark. As the community of Ukrainians in Denmark has nearly tripled, the activities of the Ukraine House in Denmark will strengthen the Ukrainian-Danish collaboration through numerous programs of intercultural dialogue, projects and programs promoting Ukraine’s modern culture, creating ground for joint ventures among creative entrepreneurs and serving the interests of both the Danish society and the Ukrainian community during and after the war, significantly helping Ukraine’s recovery.”

“Russia’s unjust and unprovoked war against Ukraine is a war against our culture and identity, first and foremost. The establishment of the Ukraine House in Denmark is an important asymmetrical response allowing the growing community of Ukrainians in Denmark to maintain their identity and grow the mutually important among the Ukrainians and the Danes values of freedom, democracy, respect for dignity of the individual and cultural heritage of the community. We value the support of the Danish government and the Danish people in our fight for justice and hope to fill our home in Denmark with music, culture, discussions, and mutual learning all contributing the lasting peace, democracy, and security in Europe,” says Nataliia Popovych, co-founder and chairperson of Ukraine House in Denmark.

The Ukraine House of Denmark team is looking to expand its collaboration with the Danish cultural institutions to benefit both the Danish and the Ukrainian audiences.


Ministry of Culture press: +45 22 76 51 16
Ukraine House in Denmark: +45 29 74 47 05

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Ukraine House in Denmark
Ukraine House in Denmark
Gammel Dok, Strandgade 27B
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The Ukraine House in Denmark is a civil society organisation of Ukrainian cultural diplomacy based in Copenhagen. Its mission is to form an enduring positive influence of Ukraine on Ukrainian-Danish cooperation, security, and lasting peace in Europe.

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