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Sales to Begin of Tsurumi Brewing's SUSHI SAKE—A Sake Expressly for Sushi, Japan's Culinary Gift to the World

Founded in 1873, Tsurumi Shuzou Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Tsurumi Brewing ) have developed SUSHI SAKE Kamitsuru Junmai Daiginjo (junmai means it is made with only rice products and no added alcohol, and daiginjo refers to the fact that the rice has been milled to fifty percent or less of its weight during the process), based on the concept of having a Japanese sake to go with sushi, in conjunction with the boom we are currently seeing in sake popularity outside of Japan. Sales have begun in November of 2015.

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Product info:

Priced at ¥12,000 per bottle, SUSHI SAKE Kamitsuru Junmai Daiginjo, a Sake for Sushi

Tsurumi Brewing, a company that produces and sells sake, began sales of SUSHI SAKE Kamitsuru Junmai Daiginjo in November, working from the notion that sake could serve to improve the wonderful taste of sushi, beloved world-wide, and representative of Japan’s food culture.

We designed SUSHI SAKE to hold back the raw odors unique to the fish used in sushi on your palette while paying particular attention to the balance for the earthier, umami flavors. By offering a crisp finishing tone, you will find it goes very well with sushi by preparing you for the next bite.

Developed by a Venerable Japanese Sake Brewer

Development of SUSHI SAKE occurred at Tsurumi Brewing, an esteemed, established sake brewery in Aichi Prefecture. Tsurumi Brewing began its history in 1873 when founder Teizo Tsurumi, who had been working with dyed goods, opened a sake brewery.

We maintain the traditional methods of production that have been handed down in the Tsushima area, striving to protect the merits of production by hand in the process. At the same time, we are also working to harmonize these methods with more modern systems of quality control and ingenuity, as we strive to create even better sake, and drawing out the depths of flavor inherent in the rice to impart a truly rich taste.

Completed After Trial and Error Under the Tutelage of the Master of a Long-established Restaurant, Founded in 1934

When it came to put the finishing touches on SUSHI SAKE, we turned to the advice of a respected, long-established restaurant, having many fans across Japan. This, we knew, would be critical in our process for the sixth generation of the Tsurumi family who currently operates the company that was founded in 1873.

Using only Yamadanishiki rice, we mill it down to forty percent of its weight. We draw water from an underground source of the Kiso River. Fermentation of the sake occurs at the optimal low temperatures found during the peak of winter, and it is the skill and dedication of the chief brewer, applied slowly over time, that results in the highest quality sake. You will enjoy a subtly rich taste.

Plans to Expand Sales from Shanghai and Hong Kong to Paris and New York

At present, SUSHI SAKE is available at the most established restaurants and department stores in Japan, but starting in December, there will be tastings planned, along with Japanese food, at restaurants in Italy. Moving forward, we plan to expand exports to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris, and New York. We will also be increasing availability at restaurants within Japan, as well as sales at department stores and online. Other varieties of SUSHI SAKE in addition to Junmai Daiginjo will be available for sale as well, including Daiginjo, Junmai Ginjo, Ginjo, and Junmai (ginjo refers to the fact that the rice has been milled to 60% of its weight or less).


Product Facts



  SUSHI SAKE Kamitsuru Junmai Daiginjo


¥12,000 (pre-tax)


1,800 ml


Rice, rice malt
Percent alcohol


Rice used


100% Yamadanishiki
Milling degree



Corporate Overview



  Tsurumi Shuzou Co., Ltd.


46 Asahi, Hyaku-cho, Tsushima City, Aichi Prefecture


Masahito Tsurumi


¥10 million




December 1949


Production, wholesaling, and retailing of sake, mirin, liqueurs, shochu products, fruit wines, fortified wines, miscellaneous liquors, spirits, beer, and vinegar



Masahito Tsurumi, +81-567-31-1141
Fax: +81-567-32-0586



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