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E-commerce From Now to 2020: the T-Index Study Predicts the Languages and Countries with the Most Potential

TRANSLATED, a leading online translation company that is included in Tech Tour Growth 50’s list of top tech companies, has renewed and improved its T-Index study with a new calculation method. T-Index ranks 195 countries and their respective languages based on their potential for online sales by combining the number of Internet users with the estimate of their annual per capita expenditure. T-Index is a unique and comprehensive overview of the investment opportunities in global e-commerce.

The study and infographics are available here .

"T-Index was created with the goal of guiding our clients in the choice of languages to translate their content into when developing their internationalization projects ", explains Marco Trombetti , CEO of Translated.

The results of the study predict greater linguistic diversity in the future and a rapid decline of English by 2020, with the rise of what are presently considered minority languages. In 2016, just 2 languages are needed to reach 50% of online purchasing power, while in 2020 three will be necessary (English 33.1%, Chinese 12.8%, and Spanish 8.4%). Russian and Arabic will pass Italian (the tenth most important language in 2020), while Turkish, Indonesian, and Farsi are among the emerging languages to consider: they represent market share that up to now has barely been explored.

With a T-Index of 29.9%, the United States has always topped the country rankings . The USA has more than 278 million Internet users with an average annual per capita expenditure of $41,217. China is in second place, with the much lower T-Index rating of 8%. According to its projections, in 2020 China will rapidly reduce this gap, reaching a market share of 12.7% against 20.6% in the USA.

Brazil and Russia, respectively seventh and tenth place in 2016, will become more and more attractive for online sales. According to the 2020 data projection, they may even surpass Germany, France, and the United Kingdom .

India has the second highest population in the world and is at 15th place in 2016 with a T-Index rating of 1.3%. With a low Internet penetration rate (now 18%) and Internet users' growing per capita expenditure (+22% from 2010 to 2014), India has all the necessary requirements to become a key country for e-commerce . According to projections, by 2020 it will reach 13th place, ahead of Spain and South Korea.

Anyone involved in marketing, e-commerce, or online blogs can use T-Index as a recommendation for which countries to focus on and which languages to translate their content into in order to expand their online business and get the most ROI from an internationalization project.

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The T-Index study is conducted every year by TRANSLATED , which is one of the first translation agencies to go online; it was founded in 1999 and today is among the most innovative agencies in the industry. It provides localization services to more than 75,000 customers worldwide, from start-ups to multinational corporations (Google, HP, Expedia, and more). In March 2016, TRANSLATED was nominated among the potential future billion dollar European tech companies. You can read more about it here .


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