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The largest taxi charging hub in the Nordics accelerates diesel taxi phase-out in Copenhagen

On May 11 at 4 pm, the largest charging operator in Denmark, E.ON, and the taxi company Dantaxi will open the largest taxi charging hub in the Nordics: Danhub – Powered by E.ON. This means up to 400 taxis will be able to charge every day, covering a large share of the current need in Copenhagen. Danhub means easier access to electric taxis, and the new charging facility is a big step towards phasing out Copenhagen's approximately 1,700 diesel taxis as early as 2025.

Copenhagen becomes a city of electric taxis

“From May 11 onwards, it will be easier to hail a fully charged electric taxi in Copenhagen. Most of the city's current approximately 300 electric taxis are a part of Dantaxi, and for the drivers, the problem of finding an available charging station has grown so big that the capacity of the in-demand zero-emission vehicles cannot be fully utilized” says Dantaxi's commercial director, Vibeke Wolfsberg, who has high hopes for the partnership with E.ON, which she thinks will benefit the city's inhabitants:

"We have wasted too much time chasing available electricity. Our taxis often drive around for too long without being able to find an available charging station. This affects the customers and also the owners of private electric cars who find that the electric taxis take up too many public charging stations. The partnership will benefit the people of Copenhagen, the local community, and the taxi drivers."

Last diesel taxi in 2025

Vibeke Wolfsberg estimates that the Danhub concept will lead to a boost in the number of electric taxis in the Danish capital, and she expects that Dantaxi will retire their last diesel car in Copenhagen as early as 2025:

"After the change in legislation and, of course, the Corona crisis, many Taxi owners are looking to change cars. An electric taxi brings more business and lower operating costs, but many have been hesitant because of the lack of charging stations. We estimate that this initiative will result in 200 new electric taxis on the streets of Copenhagen before the summer of 2022, and the number of diesel taxis will decrease accordingly. In our company, diesel taxis may disappear completely in four years."

8 times better for the environment

"A taxi drives approximately eight times as much as a private car – about 20 hours a day. That is why the environmental benefit is eight times greater when taxis switch to electricity. This is, of course, the most important thing. A great additional benefit is that we help fight air pollution in the cities when we make our transportation run on electricity," Pär Möller, Head of eMobility Nordic, E.ON, explains.

State of the art technology delivers ultra-fast charging of 400 taxis a day

"The electric taxis get access to the latest charging technology. The five ultra-fast chargers can charge up to ten taxis at a time. The ultra-fast chargers deliver the absolute fastest charging on the market, making them particularly important for taxis as they are not stationary for long periods of time unlike private cars. Ultra-fast chargers can charge up to 300 kW, and this means that all electric cars would be able to charge at the maximum power that the car's battery is made for," Pär Möller from E.ON emphasizes.

In total, the capacity is 400 taxis a day, covering a significant part of Dantaxi's current need in Copenhagen.

Opens May 11 at 4 pm

Minister of Transport, Benny Engelbrecht will open the facility on May 11 at 4 pm.

The location, Bådehavnsgade 42 in Copenhagen's southwest quarter was chosen due to the short distance to Copenhagen Airport as well as the city centre. For now, only taxis from Dantaxi will be able to use the hub.

If the project is successful, the partners plan to establish further charging facilities in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, and Odense.




State of the art technology delivers ultra-fast charging of 400 taxis a day
State of the art technology delivers ultra-fast charging of 400 taxis a day
Vibeke Wolfsberg, CCO of Dantaxi
Vibeke Wolfsberg, CCO of Dantaxi
Pär Möller, Head of eMobility Nordic, E.ON
Pär Möller, Head of eMobility Nordic, E.ON
Pär Möller, Head of eMobility Nordic, E.ON and Vibeke Wolfsberg, CCO of Dantaxi
Pär Möller, Head of eMobility Nordic, E.ON and Vibeke Wolfsberg, CCO of Dantaxi


About Dantaxi 4x48 A/S

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About Dantaxi

  • The largest taxi company in Denmark and in Copenhagen. The company acquired its first electric taxi in 2013.
  • The company's fleet of ~200 electric taxis has grown by 80% within the last year.
  • The company's most popular electric taxis come from Tesla, Hyundai, Kia, and Jaguar. 

About E.ON

  • Makes climate change migration easier – on its own and through partnerships.
  • Owns and operates one of Denmark's largest charging networks with more than 1,600 charging spots across the country.
  • E.ON already has six quick chargers, reserved for taxi charging, which have been set up in collaboration with the Capital Region of Denmark, and is the only electric car operator with products specifically targeted charging of taxis.
  • Is a part of Europe's largest privately owned energy company E.ON SE with 50 million customers and 78,000 employees.
  • Has invested more than 12 billion euro in renewable energy over the past 10 years.

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