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TEC360: Proven Replacement for Google Search Appliance

As reported by the media, the Google Search Appliance (GSA) will be terminated ( ). Given TEC360 Insights extensive knowledge and experience with Google Search Appliance, this step has been looming on the horizon for the last couple of years and did not come as a surprise. A year ago, TEC360 Insights began an intensive evaluation of various leading search vendors, and after comprehensive testing, chose Mindbreeze InSpire as the GSA successor.

TEC360 Insights evaluated all the major manufacturers and open source projects. After extensive comparisons involving all important issues, such as making a seamless switch and high-end features (such as artificial intelligence or professional search applications), Mindbreeze was chosen. The minimal project complexity for migration and the unanimous positive feedback from existing customers and IT analysts made the final decision a no-brainer.

"After a year of intense cooperation with Mindbreeze and the switch from many Google Search appliances, we can only confirm that we made the right choice," says Carlos Meyer Amor, Director de Consultoría y Desarrollo of TEC360 Insights. "For any GSA customers in Latin America and also for GSA partners who are currently performing a manufacturer evaluation, we are pleased to act as a contact source about best practices."

TEC360 Insights is the general distributor for Mindbreeze InSpire in Latin America and recognized expert with extensive experience in best practices for replacing the Google Search Appliance.

TEC360 Insights

TEC360 offers innovative services and solutions for big and medium companies in Mexico and Latin America, with the objective of helping businesses to transform into more competitive organizations.


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