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Taconic Biosciences Launches New EZcohort(TM) Program Improving Access to Mouse Models

HUDSON, NY--(Marketwired - Feb 8, 2017) - Taconic Biosciences, a global leader in genetically engineered murine models and associated services, announced the launch of the EZcohort™ program, providing researchers faster and easier access to unique mouse models.

In response to the need for speed and predictability in drug discovery, the EZcohort™ program leverages simplified legal documentation and common cohort sizes, allowing researchers to easily access unique cryopreserved Genetically Engineered Models (GEMs). EZcohort™ models are distributed under a simple conditions of use license, avoiding the typical Materials Transfer Agreement, which can be lengthy and cumbersome to negotiate. The program also features a defined delivery timeframe and cohort size.

"Taconic is looking to provide customers with more than just products, but with solutions," said Dr. Michael Seiler, portfolio director, Commercial Genetically Engineered Models, Taconic Biosciences. "In drug discovery, wasted time is not only costly but also delays potentially life-saving drugs from getting to patients. The EZcohort™ program is valuable because it allows researchers to quickly access the animal models necessary to drive key decisions and thus progress their programs forward."

EZcohort™ customers receive four mixed-sex heterozygous mice delivered in 12 to 16 weeks for customers to establish their own breeding colonies. The conditions of use license allow EZcohort™ customers to use, breed, and crossbreed the mice for three years, providing researchers the ultimate flexibility to execute their studies. Additional support documentation is provided to offer instructions and relevant genotyping information.

In the event the customer does not wish to breed the models themselves, Taconic offers superior GEMs management and breeding services . Taconic's scientific program managers work with leading pharmaceutical, biotech and academic institutions to breed, test, prepare, and distribute EZCohort™ models to any location worldwide.

To learn more, please contact Taconic Biosciences at 1-888-TACONIC (888-822-6642) in the US, +45 70 23 04 05 in Europe or at .

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Taconic Biosciences is a fully-licensed, global leader in genetically engineered rodent models and services. Founded in 1952, Taconic helps biotechnology companies and institutions acquire, custom generate, breed, precondition, test, and distribute valuable research models worldwide. Specialists in genetically engineered mouse and rat models, precision research mouse models, and integrated model design and breeding services, Taconic operates three service laboratories and six breeding facilities in the U.S. and Europe, maintains distributor relationships in Asia and has global shipping capabilities to provide animal models almost anywhere in the world.

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