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From Lugano: The New Frontier in Ophthalmology

It’s known as the Lugano Protocol, and is the name given to a combination of photons and nutraceuticals which has been shown to be effective in the treatment of AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration), the leading cause of blindness worldwide.

The prestigious American peer-reviewed scientific journal CellR4 - whose focus is on cellular regeneration - has published the clinical results of the first ever case in the world to show a clinical regression of this retinal disease brought about not by surgery, but rather due to the synergy between photobiomodulation (involving photons, or light particles) of the retinal cell mitochondria, and specific nutraceuticals.

The author of the study is Roberto Pinelli, MD, founder and scientific director of the Switzerland Eye Research Institute in Lugano: “We are very satisfied about the publication of our results by the outstanding research journal Cell R4, which is specifically addressed to cell regeneration. Our outcomes demonstrate that retinal cells can be stimulated by a new non-invasive approach which unites the power of light with natural substances completely obtained from plants.

This publication offers further confirmation of Switzerland’s impetus for innovation.



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