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Bid procedure, 2021-02-03
BondsBonds issued in SEK by Swedish non-financial undertakings.

The following bonds are eligible for delivery:


FABEGE AB: SE0010414425, 2022-09-26

FABEGE AB: SE0011062942, 2023-08-30

HUMLEGARDEN FASTIGHETER: SE0010101626, 2022-06-22

HUMLEGARDEN FASTIGHETER: SE0013882529, 2025-09-22

HEIMSTADEN BOSTAD AB: XS2179086983, 2022-05-26

HEIMSTADEN BOSTAD AB: XS2259800121, 2025-02-25

HOLMEN AB: SE0011426238, 2023-11-24

HOLMEN AB: SE0011281567, 2022-05-23

ELECTROLUX AB: XS2130781516, 2022-03-09

ELECTROLUX AB: XS2152269218, 2023-04-06


Delivery of a Bond may not occur if the Counterparty has purchased the Bond from the issuer more recently than one month prior to the date of announcement of the Special terms, that is, the purchase may not have taken place after:

Bid date2021-02-03
Bid times10.00-11.00 (CET/CEST) on the Bid date
Requested volume (corresponding nominal amount)SE0010414425: 30 mln SEK +/-30 mln SEK

SE0011062942: 30 mln SEK +/-30 mln SEK

SE0010101626: 30 mln SEK +/-30 mln SEK

SE0013882529: 30 mln SEK +/-30 mln SEK

XS2179086983: 30 mln SEK +/-30 mln SEK

XS2259800121: 30 mln SEK +/-30 mln SEK

SE0011426238: 30 mln SEK +/-30 mln SEK

SE0011281567: 30 mln SEK +/-30 mln SEK

XS2130781516: 30 mln SEK +/-30 mln SEK

XS2152269218: 30 mln SEK +/-30 mln SEK

Highest permitted bid volume (corresponding nominal amount)SE0010414425: 30 mln SEK per bid

SE0011062942: 30 mln SEK per bid

SE0010101626: 30 mln SEK per bid

SE0013882529: 30 mln SEK per bid

XS2179086983: 30 mln SEK per bid

XS2259800121: 30 mln SEK per bid

SE0011426238: 30 mln SEK per bid

SE0011281567: 30 mln SEK per bid

XS2130781516: 30 mln SEK per bid

XS2152269218: 30 mln SEK per bid

Lowest permitted bid volume (corresponding nominal amount)The total bid volume from a Counterparty may not be lower than SEK 4 million and may not be lower than SEK 4 million per Bond (ISIN code).
Expected allocation timeNot later than 11.30 (CET/CEST) on the Bid date
Delivery and payment date2021-02-05
Delivery of bondsSecurities issued in PM part:

To the Riksbank's account in Euroclear Sweden AB's securities settlement system: 1 4948 6383.


Securities issued in AM part:

To the Riksbank’s account in State Street (Global Custodian):

Global Custodian BIC Code: SBOSUS3CXXX


Local agent's BIC Code: ESSESESSXXX

Global Custodian's account name at SEB: STATE STREET BANK & TRUST

Global Custodian's account number at SEB: 01-100 386 491

Riksbank’s account name at Global Custodian: SVERIGES RIKSBANK Riksbank’s account number at Global Custodian: 0145


Counterparties must use BIC: ESSESESSXXX in field 95P:: DEAG/REAG and State Street BIC: SBOSUS3CXXX in field 95P::SELL/BUYR in the settlement instruction.


Securities issued for the euro market (ISIN code with XS):

To the Riksbank's account with Euroclear Bank: 91181.
General Terms and ConditionsGeneral terms and conditions for the Riksbank’s corporate bond purchases via bid procedure 2020:1. dated 17 November 2020 (see the Riksbank’s website).

Stockholm, 2021-01-29

This is a translation of the special terms and conditions published on In the case of any inconsistency between the English translation and the Swedish language version, the Swedish language version shall prevail. Complete terms and conditions can be retrieved at

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