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Stormshield Launches “Stormshield Management Center,” the Latest Version of Its Unified Administration Console

Stormshield, a major player in the European cybersecurity market, asked its customers and partners to take an active role in the development of its new centralized administration console, so that the console would perfectly meet their security needs and requirements. Stormshield is announcing the launch of “Stormshield Management Center” v2.0, the result of this collaboration.

Stormshield Management Center (SMC) is easy to use and optimizes all management tasks that are performed on a daily basis, be it supervising Stormshield Network Security (SNS) equipment, directly accessing the equipment being managed, distributing configuration, or running or deploying commands on multiple devices. Founded on the same ergonomic principles as SNS products, these services constitute the basis of SMC.

In particular, the new version of SMC offers two new features that will enable administrators to save time and focus on the really important tasks:

Centralized filter rule configuration
With SMC, multi-site park administrators can centralize the management of all their firewalls’ security policies. The tool allows them true granularity in security rule implementation, with four possible degrees of hierarchy, from the most comprehensive rules to the most specific ones. Security rules shared by sets of similar equipment are only defined once; this helps avoid repetitions (sources of errors or oversights) and allows administrators to focus exclusively on creating more specific rules.
All of these rules, shared as well as specific, are then managed from a single console.

VPN tunnel topology configuration and supervision
SMC makes it easy to set up multiple VPN tunnels between different firewalls. The administrator defines a secure topology between several sites in a matter of minutes. This configuration mode helps avoid repetitions that could lead to errors or inconsistencies between two sites and affect a network’s operation and security. SMC also enables the administrator to add a new site with a few clicks and have a clear view of the implemented configuration and the state of the tunnels at any time.

Secure equipment management, as always
Maximum security is the cornerstone of SMC. The quality and security of communications with remote equipment are, indeed, essential in a centralized administration solution. Thanks to the secure channel continuously linking SMC and SNS equipment, it is no longer necessary to enable incoming administrative access at remote sites. This makes it possible to manage the equipment at remote sites while reducing the level of risk.


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