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Incorrect reporting of intrinsic value

Lysaker, 3 March 2021

With reference to Nasdaq Copenhagen's rules for issuers of UCITS units, we hereby notify that incorrect intrinsic values were reported on Monday 1 March between 0905 and 1005 for the following funds:

ISINSymbolFund name and shareclassCorrect Intrinsic ValueReported Intrinsic ValueDeviation (error)
NO0010841588STIIAMStorebrand Indeks - Alle Markeder A51286,611 270,69Up to -1.25%
NO0010841570STIINMStorebrand Indeks - Nye Markeder A51250,371 230,24Up to -1.63%

The incorrect reporting was due to miscalculations at the funds' management company, Storebrand Asset Management AS.

During the period for the miscalculation, 2 trades took place in STIIAM.

During the period for the miscalculation, 1 trade took place in STIINM.

The procedure for notifying the members of the Stockbrokers' Association of the error has been initiated.

For queries, you may contact Storebrand's Danish branch on +45 33 41 76 53, or

Storebrand Asset Management AS

Kim Toftegaard Andreassen, Director, +45 33 41 76 53

Frode Aasen, Product Manager, +47 934 03 934

The below funds, managed by Storebrand Asset Management AS, are listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen. The funds are available for trading during the Nasdaq opening hours. Jyske Bank is acting as the market maker, and will ensure transferability for the funds.

Fund name and share classSymbolISIN
Storebrand Indeks – Alle Markeder A5STIIAMNO0010841588
Storebrand Indeks – Nye Markeder A5STIINMNO0010841570
Storebrand Global ESG Plus A5STIGEPNO0010841604
Storebrand Global Solutions A5STIGSNO0010841612
Storebrand Global Multifactor A5STIGMNO0010841596

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