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Philips SpeechMike Premium dictation microphone receives excellent customer reviews

Speech Processing Solutions , the worldwide leader in professional dictation has received excellent reviews for its Philips SpeechMike Premium. The proven and almost indestructible dictation microphone offers users superior audio quality, coupled with unique antimicrobial housing and excellent ergonomics. The fully customizable dictation microphone saves time, increases efficiency and ultimately lowers costs for professionals across a variety of industry sectors.

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The leader in healthcare

Philips SpeechMike has become a household name in many industries, particularly in the healthcare sector where the dictation microphone seamlessly integrates into leading healthcare IT systems. “It’s been a very reliable system for us. We’ve had great long-term success (…) I would highly recommend the SpeechMike Premium to any hospital with demanding dictation needs” explains Dave Baumgardner, Director of Information Management, Union Hospital in Dover, Ohio, USA.

Philips SpeechMike: A history of innovation

Speech Processing Solutions celebrated their 60th anniversary last year, driven by setting standards in the dictation industry by successful innovations. The original Philips SpeechMike was first launched in 1996. “The current top model, Philips SpeechMike Premium, is the result of almost two decades of attention to detail and striving for excellence through listening to customer’s needs from all over the world” explains Dr. Thomas Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions.

Made for speech recognition

Thanks to its special features such as the free floating microphone, the polished surface for non-sensitivity to touch noise, or the unique audio-optimized microphone grill, the Philips SpeechMike creates studio-like audio recordings . Together they successfully reduce unwanted surround sounds which enables two radiologists for example, to dictate simultaneously in one room without any interference. The clear recording levels enable the highest possible speech recognition accuracy. The dictation device is designed to work in perfect harmony with speech recognition software and has been awarded the highest possible Nuance speech recognition rating. This underlines Philips' position as global leader in audio competence, also underpinned by superior customer reviews.

Unlike many competitor products, the Philips SpeechMike offers exceptional features such as its antimicrobial housing, which is especially important in medical settings. The device fits perfectly into the hand where the ergonomic keyboard layout guarantees comfortable operation, even when dictating for several hours. Philips also carries out most extensive ‘stress tests’, making sure all devices are of exceptional quality, setting the benchmark in the dictation microphone industry. Dr. Thomas Brauner makes the point: “As our customers say: The best or nothing!”

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About Speech Processing Solutions

Speech Processing Solutions is the global number one in professional dictation. Founded in Austria in 1954 as part of Philips, the company has been the driving force in speech-to-text innovations for over 60 years. Always striving for excellence and putting emphasis on outstanding quality, the company has designed groundbreaking products, such as the portable Philips Pocket Memo voice recorder , the Philips SpeechMike Premium dictation microphone and the Philips SpeechExec dictation recorder app for smartphones. The latest innovation, Philips SpeechLive , makes dictation quicker and more convenient than ever before, by bringing secure dictation workflow to the cloud and enabling seamless speech-to-text with the new service Philips SpeechScribe. With solutions perfectly tailored to individual industry needs, Speech Processing Solutions has helped millions of satisfied customers around the globe save time and resources, allowing them to work as efficiently as possible.

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Philips SpeechMike Premium - the best or nothing


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