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Final completion of Spar Nord Bank A/S' acquisition of P/F BankNordik's Danish business

 Spar Nord Bank A/S' ("Spar Nord") acquisition of P/F BankNordik's ("BankNordik") Danish business has now been completed. With reference to Spar Nord's company announcement no. 26 of 22 December 2020 regarding Spar Nord's acquisition of BankNordik's Danish business, Spar Nord hereby announces that the transaction, following compliance with all formal conditions and resolution of sundry practical issues, has now been finally completed. The business acquired by Spar Nord will consequently be recognised in the bank’s balance sheet and income statement as of today. Please direct any questions regarding this release to Lasse Nyby, Chief Executive Officer, on tel. +45 9634 4011, or Rune Børglum Sørensen, Head of Investor Relations, on tel. + 45 9634 4236. Rune Børglum Sørensen Head of Investor Relations


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