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Savari Taps Automotive and Electronics Industry Veteran to Lead Its Worldwide Sales & Marketing

V2X Communication Technology Leader Adds to Its Team to Drive Momentum Around Connected, Self-Driving Cars and Smart Cities

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwired - October 18, 2016) - Savari Inc. , a leader in V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) safety communication technology, announced Joe Pullin has joined the company as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. A 25-plus year automotive and technology expert, Joe is responsible for continuing to grow Savari's brand and customer relationships worldwide. He leads Savari's expanding global footprint with offices in Santa Clara, Calif., Detroit, Mich., Seoul, Korea, Bangalore, India and its latest office opening in Munich, Germany.

Savari has seen a sharp increase in the number of requests for information, pilots/projects and customer engagements since the start of this year. The USDOT's recently announced Federal Automated Vehicles Policy and its backing of V2V and V2I safety communications technology to augment the safety and performance of highly autonomous vehicle (HAV) systems will further accelerate the number of V2X deployments. This increase in demand is being fueled by automotive and technology companies that are enabling the vision of having connected, self-driving cars on our roadways in the next few years. V2X connectivity and safety communication technology is a critical component towards achieving autonomous driving.

Additionally, Savari is seeing growing interest for its V2X solutions from government, municipalities and technology companies that want to deploy smart infrastructure to deliver even greater benefits as our cars, smartphones and roadways will all be able talk to each other. This real-time exchange of vehicular information enables advanced connectivity and safety between drivers and leads to higher efficiency on our roadways, reducing energy consumption and creating better commutes.

Prior to joining Savari, Joe was Vice President of Business Development and Marketing for Mitsumi Electronics, a communications technology company specializing in Wi-Fi/Bluetooth modules and smart antennas for the automotive market. He grew market share and awareness for Mitsumi from October 2013 to August 2016.

Prior to joining Mitsumi, Joe was Vice President of Global Brand and Product Marketing at Harman International Industries. Over 18 years at Harman, he's held several positions focused on the company's automotive division and served as a primary interface with the consumer and professional product divisions. Joe most recently led the Branded Audio and the Infotainment and Connected Car business units, working closely with leading automotive manufacturers worldwide.

Comments on the News:

"There's a lot of excitement and a resurgence in the automotive market these days as every automotive manufacturer is aggressively rolling out its plans for self-driving cars with the goal of having their entire fleet being connected not just a couple models. The self-driving car conversation has moved from the fringe to mainstream. We are thrilled because this signals demand from manufacturers, consumers, and government. V2X technology will usher in autonomous driving and in the process it will make our roadways much safer for everyone," said Ravi Puvvala, CEO of Savari.

"V2X safety communication technology is the only technology that doesn't require line of sight. That's a huge differentiator when considering potential dangers on the road that are around a corner or beyond the driver's vision. Additionally, V2X technology enables the car that's three or more cars ahead of another car to send real-time information, warning drivers of potential hazards in the roadway before coming onto the scene. I'm looking forward to leveraging my 25 years of B2B and consumer experience in the automotive market to bring about the fastest route for wide-scale deployment of V2X solutions. Working closely with our customers and partners we can significantly reduce the number of traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities on our roadways," added Pullin.

Leveraging the insights gained from more than 150 man-years of product development, over 1.5 million lines of software code and 15 million-plus miles per year of public testing, Savari is a leader in V2X safety communications technologies. Complementary to LiDAR, radar and camera-sensor technologies, Savari's DSRC technology works in any V2X environment including non-line-of-sight environments. Savari's solutions provide 360-degree situational awareness for the car and the road and include an upgrade path to support LTE technology.

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Savari seeks to make the world's roadways smarter and safer by deploying advanced wireless sensor technologies and software for V2X environments to support a growing portfolio of intelligent transportation services. With more than 150 man-years of V2X learning and development and 15 million-plus miles per year of public testing, Savari is a leader in V2X technology. Savari is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., and has offices in Detroit, Mich., Munich, Germany, Seoul, Korea and Bangalore, India. The company is comprised of a core team of industry veterans from the automotive, semiconductor, software and telecommunications industries. Savari is partnering with automotive OEMs, system integrators, chipset vendors and industry groups like the U.S. Department of Transportation. For more information, visit .

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