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Interim Report first half year 2020/21

22 February 2021
Announcement no. 317

Interim Report first half year 2020/21

The Board of Directors of Rovsing A/S has today considered and approved the Interim Report for the first half year (1 July 2020 – 31 December 2020).


Highlights of the half year – with an increase in guidance for the full year


  • In the first half year of 2020/21, the revenue amounted to DKK 12,4 million (2019/20: DKK 9,4 million) or an improvement of 32%
  • The H1 of 2020/21 EBITDA is DKK 1,0 million (2019/20: DKK -1,8 million) or an improvement of DKK 2,8 million
  • Rovsing has continued to support its Customers in H1 2020/21, as an important key provider on major ongoing ESA missions, delivering test- and simulation systems, individual products, software solutions, ISVV and on-site engineering services. The market position of Rovsing within the segment has been further strengthened based on the delivered performance and value
  • The order intake in H1 of 2020/21 is DKK 19,3 million (H1 2019/20 DKK 5,5 million) and the order backlog at 31 December 2020 is DKK 21,1 million (H1 2019/20 DKK 8,9 million). Backlog is exclusive of ongoing service contracts. The development reflects the efforts of the Company to grow its market share and ensure continuous flow of projects in our area of expertise
  • The projected industry pipeline is at a higher level compared to recent years, which reflects the market growth with many ongoing and upcoming institutional and commercial space programme. The related order backlog for Rovsing gives as well a positive operational outlook for the coming years
  • Based on the H1 2020/21 performance and a high order intake and backlog, the outlook for 2020/21 is increased to a revenue in the range of DKK 27 to 29 million, and a positive EBITDA in the range of DKK 2,5 to 3,5 million from a revenue in the range of DKK 26 to 28 million, and a positive EBITDA in the range of DKK 2 to 3 million



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