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RightMinder – Leveraging the Everyday Smartwatch, Heralding New Opportunities for Aged Care

With the exponential growth of the aged care industry, cost and care issues are prevalent not only in the UK and Europe but globally. ConnectUs Life Pty Ltd, a specialist care-related services provider has launched RightMinder®, an app that leverages advancements in wearable technology and the increase in availability and use of affordable smartwatches. Coinciding with the release of Android Wear 2.0, RightMinder® caters to the elderly, those in need, pre-teens and Professional Carers. Available in multiple languages and in over 136 countries, RightMinder® delivers a patent-pending solution providing fall detection, first alert monitoring and alerts, GPS location reporting, and multiple first alert carer connections.

RightMinder® has been created to connect ‘wearers’ and ‘carers’. Ben Slater, ConnectUs Life CIO says, ”Our core focus is to ensure wearers maintain meaningful independence with an efficient, yet discreet safety and security alert system. Anyone can use RightMinder® without lock-in contracts, nor do they need expensive custom hardware.” Mr Slater says, “Our First Alert Carers are not only from the family & friends orientated network, but also paid professional Carers too.”

Whilst RightMinder® is specifically designed for Android smartwatches (for wearers), the First Alert and Fall Detection functionality is also available on the mobile phone itself, so anyone can use RightMinder® without requiring a smartwatch. However, RightMinder® strongly recommends using a smartwatch for safety and as a discreet alternative to “the big red emergency button” or pendant. Mr Slater says, “We are extremely encouraged by the acceptance of smartwatch technology amongst our focus groups. Wearers have embraced smartwatch technology when paired with the RightMinder® app. RightMinder® has proven to be very easy to use and manage, despite the underlying complexity of the algorithms utilised.”

RightMinder® wearers are securely connected to one or more carers who can then monitor battery life, location and access fast-touch call buttons. If a Wearer triggers a Fall Detection, or if they send an emergency First Alert, their carers all receive immediate notifications and emails to raise an emergency response. Carers then have the option to locate or call their wearers immediately. Additionally when battery life gets low, notifications are also sent to both wearer and carers.

RightMinder® also extends to people living with disabilities such as MS, dementia, brain trauma, epilepsy and for other high need individuals.

RightMinder® helps reduce the level of dependence on professional operators and on tax funded government assistance.

Contrary to the notion that technology can be complicated, RightMinder® is easy-to-use with a user-friendly interface that has been designed to benefit users who are wearers and carers. Alerting carers is now fast, simple and discreet for any RightMinder® wearer.

The convenience that comes with using the app, in addition to the affordability of the innovative concept, gives independence and empowerment to wearers and comfort to carers like never before, even if wearers and carers live countries apart.

RightMinder® aims for peace of mind without being front of mind.

RightMinder® is available on Google Play Store for Carers and Wearers and coming soon to the Apple App Store (for Carers).

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Drew Steptoe, Joint MD and CEO.
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Ben Slater, Joint MD and CIO.
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