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Signboards and Banners now available in XXL formats on

The online print shop UNITEDPRINT SE, with one of its best-known brands , now offers Banners and Signboards in XXL formats to its customers. Blockout banners made of tear-proof, opaque polyester fabric are now also available.

These new formats should appeal in particular to customers who attach great importance to large-format advertising: "Because of their size, Banners and Signboards in these dimensions had to be ordered almost exclusively offline from local providers, using conventional means. Therefore, with our online range, we are now one of Europe’s pioneers when it comes to extra-large formats", says Ali Jason Bazooband, Managing Director for Marketing/Innovation at . “Signboards made of Alu-Dibond and Acrylic clear perspex measuring up to 1.5 x 3 metres are ideal for extra-large company signs, for example; whereas Banners of up to 3 x 10 metres are perfect for advertising on building facades.” All Signboards and Banners in all formats and materials, such as PVC, mesh or Acrylic clear perspex, can be ordered starting at just one piece. Thanks to the fast delivery times, the items are ready for their large-scale purpose in nearly no time! is a UNITEDPRINT SE brand, a global and innovation-oriented e-commerce company for print and media. As one of Europe’s leading online printers, UNITEDPRINT SE is represented in the marketplace by the renowned brands print24, Easyprint, Unitedprint, getprint, printwhat, FIRSTPRINT, DDK PRINT BIG, infowerk, and Unitedprint Shop Services (USS). The company employs a staff of over 700 people at 26 locations worldwide (in Germany, 21 other European countries, and in Brazil, China, Canada, and the US). In addition to the standard print products, the company provides its customers with high-quality products ranging from the textile printing, photo printing, advertising equipment printing and gastronomy sectors. Customers can also benefit from their 24-hour availability as well as their 30/60/90-payment model, which is unique in this sector.

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