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Interim report H2 2020

Highlights during the second half year of 2020

  • Revenue in the second half year of 2020 was 5,463.9 tDKK which compared to second
    half 2019 was an increase of 92,9%
  • For the full year Revenue grew 80,6 % in the year 2020 compared to the year 2019.
  • Photocat was granted 2 patent families in the areas dry concrete as well as bitumen.
    These are important because they protect Photocat and might offer the possibility of
    creating a new business to offer license to companies that lack freedom to operate
    without our rights.
  • Delivered NOxOFF concrete granulates to Colas for projects in the municipality of Frederiksberg
    and the technology was appreciated with news releases from Colas. Further we delivered
    NOxOFF granulates to NCC Road to be used on the new harbour tier in Skagen. Both projects
    were delivered without complications and this asphalt product makes good possibilities to
    extent Photocat’s offerings to include asphalt roads
  • First scientific article with results from Photocat real-life projects was published in a
    peer reviewed magazine. The results showed clear benefits of Photocat solutions.
  • Covid-19 did have impact on all Photocat export initiatives as borders and travel
    recommendations were making planning impossible. This had a negative effect on the results.

Highlights after the second half year of 2020

  • Granted Covid-19 finance facilities from Vaekstfonden in Denmark


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