Pedri wins the Golden Boy Award 2021 - and is already making arrangements for the future with a new partner


Great moment for Barca's prodigy Pedri Schluechtern, December 13, 2021 - The Spanish national player and midfielder of FC Barcelona, Pedro González López ‘Pedri’, is the best young player of 2021. By winning the Golden Boy Award, the exceptional talent reaches another milestone. In order to continue playing at a top level in the future, Reboots, the leading European supplier of recovery boots and pants, becomes Pedri's new partner and will support the young star's regeneration in the future.

Pedri Gonzalez is the new partner of Reboots
Pedri Gonzalez is the new partner of Reboots

The Italian sports newspaper Tuttosport selects and honors Pedri (19) with the Golden Boy Award as the best U-21 player in Europe. He thus succeeds Erling Haaland (Borussia Dortmund). Pedri is a midfielder for the Spanish first division club and five-time Champions League winner FC Barcelona. He is one of the top talents from Spain and is described as part of the next golden generation of soccer. "I am overwhelmed and grateful. There is a lot of work behind this award and it feels good to know that my hard work is paying off. I hope I can lead the way as a role model for many young athletes," Pedri said. He was also recently named the best U21 player of the year by France Football magazine, which awarded him the Kopa Trophy.

Young star cooperates with sports tech start-up


After more than 73 games this season, Pedri is still full of energy on the pitch. The youngster's age is not the only factor contributing to this. An appropriate balance of training and regeneration is the basis for long-term sporting success. To ensure that the Golden Boy can maintain his training and playing workload in the future, Reboots equips him with innovative recovery products such as the Reboots Go Recovery Pants. The compression massage of the Reboots Recovery Pants and Boots accelerates his recovery, allowing him to return to giving one hundred percent faster and with light legs the day after a game or tough workout. "Pedri is young and full of energy. One of these factors can be influenced. Professional soccer players face extreme pressure to perform. To be able to withstand this in the long term it is necessary to give the body breaks. Reboots gets the most out of Pedri's regeneration phases," says Tom Keller, founder of Reboots.

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Pedri Gonzalez is the new partner of Reboots
Pedri Gonzalez is the new partner of Reboots

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