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TMD Security’s Card Protection Plate Defends against Rapid Rise in ATM ‘Deep Insert’ Skimming

TMD Security, the global leader in anti-skimming for ATMs and SSTs, announced today that its patented Card Protection Plate (CPP) is actively protecting cardholders from ‘deep insert’ skimming, a new type of skimming attack that is spreading fast from Europe to North America and Asia Pacific.

Deep insert skimming devices, also known as ‘card reader internal skimming devices’, are placed deep inside the ATM or SST card reader. They capture data stored on the magnetic stripe and remain inside the card reader, out of sight, for weeks, capturing the data from thousands of cards. Anti-skimming solutions that use jamming technology and detection cannot protect against deep insert skimmers.

‘Deep insert skimming is the biggest skimming threat facing the global ATM industry because deployers are not prepared,’ says Tom Moore, Managing Director, TMD Security North America. ’Current anti-skimming solutions are not designed to protect against deep insert skimming. All ATMs are exposed to this new type of attack.’

TMD Security’s patented Card Protection Plate is securely fitted inside the card reader and makes it impossible for a criminal to insert a deep insert skimming device, while the consumer’s card can still freely move in and out during a transaction.

‘Demand for CPP is growing fast as deep insert skimming spreads. CPP also protects against another new ATM fraud technique we have seen in the US known as ‘shimming’. The criminal inserts the ‘shimmer’ deep inside the card reader to ‘sniff’ the data stored on the EMV chip. CPP protects cardholders from these new fraud techniques while jamming solutions continue to defend against standard skimming. TMD Security’s Card Protection Kit (CPK) and Active DIP Kit work with CPP to protect against all types of skimming,’ adds Tom Moore.

TMD Security is sponsoring a live webinar hosted by ATM Marketplace on 6th October 2016, ‘Deep Insert Skimming: Breaking news on attacks and defences.’

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TMD Security , founded in 2004, is the global leader in anti-skimming solutions for ATMs and SSTs. TMD’s Card Protection Kit (CPK) protects over 350,000 ATMs. Headquartered in Switzerland, the organisation includes R&D and support in EMEA, APAC, North and Latin America. ;


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