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TMD Security’s Latest Card Protection Kit Defends NCR ATMs from New Skimming Threat

Independent testing proves that CPK 6001 version 2016 for NCR ATMs actively protects against ‘second generation’ stereo skimming without the need to take the ATM out of service

TMD Security, the global leader in anti-skimming for ATMs, announced today that its new Card Protection Kit (CPK) version 2016 for NCR SelfServ ATMs is proven in independent tests to protect against the latest threat of ‘second generation’ stereo skimming without impacting ATM availability or cardholder convenience.

Two skimming attacks were reported in Ireland in 2015 that used new ‘stereo’ skimming technology, a technique that involves multiple skimming read heads that make it easier for the criminal to extract card data. Testing and analysis confirmed that this was very sophisticated ‘second generation’ stereo skimming technology.

‘Only two second generation stereo skimming incidents have been reported but we took the threat very seriously,’ says Robin Hamstra, EMEA Sales Director, TMD Security. ‘Since TMD’s invention of jamming in 2004, we have a track record for anti-skimming innovation and we are constantly enhancing our solutions as part of ongoing product life-cycle management. CPK 6001 version 2016 is a major benefit to the ATM industry and that is why we have been shipping it as standard since December 2015’.

‘ATM fraud migrates fast and is increasing in the US,’ adds Tom Moore, Managing Director, TMD Security North America. ‘We have made sure that Active DIP Kit (ADK) defends against second generation stereo skimming. What is more, ADK is the only active jamming solution for DIP card readers. We have over thirty ADK deployers in the US who chose ADK because they have peace-of-mind that their ATMs are protected and do not need to worry about the issues associated with detection based anti-skimming solutions such as failure to detect, managing false alerts and ATM down-time. Critical for them is the fact that with ADK, the ATM safely stays in service without any impact on ATM availability or cardholder convenience.’

About TMD Security GMBH

TMD Security , founded in 2004, is the global leader in anti-skimming solutions for ATMs and SSTs. TMD’s Card Protection Kit (CPK+) protects over 350,000 ATMs. Headquartered in Switzerland, the global organisation includes R&D, sales and support in EMEA, APAC, North America and Latin America.

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