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Reykjavik Energy: Green Bond Offering Schedule for 2021

On the 25th of January, Reykjavik Energy‘s Board of Directors approved financing in the amount of up to 15,5 billion ISK in the form of loans, bonds or bills for the year 2021.

The company‘s financial position is currently strong with cash and cash equivalents in the excess of 25 billion ISK. Furthermore, Reykjavik Energy has secured contractual credit facilities in the amount of 6 billion ISK for the next year and secure access to 48 million USD undrawn loan amount based on a loan agreement with the Nordic Investment Bank.

In 2021 Reykjavik Energy expects to issue bonds on the domestic bond market in the range between 7-9 billion ISK.

Further information:
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CFO, Reykjavik Energy
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Fossar Markets
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