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Results of interest rate adjustment – public housing

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8 February 2021

Results of interest rate adjustment – public housing

The Nykredit Group has completed the bond sales in connection with the interest rate adjustment of adjustable-rate mortgage loans to public housing based on the "refinancing price" principle. The loan rates will be reset as at 1 April 2021.

All loans are amortising loans funded by government-guaranteed covered bonds (SDOs) issued through Capital Centre J.

For housing associations with a 30-year annuity loan, the interest rate adjustment results in the following cash loan rate:

 F10 Jan
Cash loan rate-0.26%

For detailed information on the auction results, please refer to Information on bond sales is available at

Enquiries may be addressed to Christian Mauritzen, Funding & Capital, tel +45 44 55 10 14, or Corporate Communications, tel +45 44 55 14 50.


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