New Astralis Visa Card and digital bank to launch today


Nordic challenger bank Lunar and Danish esports giants Astralis break the barriers of digital banking. As of today Lunar users can get an exclusive Astralis debit card in black metal, get closer to the players and the team, access to parts of the playbook and to exclusive content. Ahead of the official launch more than 6,100 have signed up for waiting list. The idea: For younger people to get more involved with their bank and finances through exclusive content from one of the world’s leading esports teams.

Lunar goes beyond banking and from today esports team Astralis will have their own Visa debit card and content universe in the Lunar banking app. Lunar wants to engage even more with the fast growing esports community and make the banking experience an integrated part of the daily lives of the users. 

In Denmark alone, more than 6,100 already signed up, ready to get the new Astralis card and exclusive content from the team including tutorials, discounts on merchandise and “Ask Me Anything” sessions in the app. 

Ken Villum Klausen, founder and CEO of Lunar said:

- Gaming has become an integral part of everyday life in the younger generations and during covid-19 we have seen an even bigger growth in the number of gamers and fans that interact with esports on a daily basis. We are still surprised, though, to see so many on the waiting list for the Astralis card and app and we truly believe we have built an unique content engine to engage with our users on a different level.

- Both in Scandinavia and globally Astralis is a very strong brand when it comes to building a winning team, healthy culture and fan base, and that is the perfect starting point in fusing banking and entertainment and unlike anything ever seen before. We give the users a new reason to get even closer with their bank and finances, sais Ken Villum Klausen.

Jakob Lund Kristensen, founder and CCO of Astralis Group said:

- Esports and Astralis appeal to a growing, global audience, and we have experienced a significant surge in both viewers but also in the engagement level from fans. They want deeper involvement and appreciation, and the cooperation with Lunar gives us resources to invest even in just that.

- We have found a common ground with Lunar to cater for those needs. It really is a completely new way to bridge entertainment and banking and we will give our fans even more relevant content in the future. It is solid proof of the potential in innovative partnerships that we already have a waitlist of more than 6,100 fans in Denmark alone, even before the card and app has been fully released.

- This is for the Danish market, but ultimately the model is something we can scale internationally, says Jakob Lund Kristensen.

In the Lunar app the users get access to an unique Astralis Academy and can get coaching, mental training, merchandise and tips and tricks to improve their own game. 

Astralis Group is a publicly listed esports media company who owns and operates three globally leading team brands including all media and commercial rights: Origen (League of Legends), Future FC (FIFA) and Astralis (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive).

Lunar is a modern Nordic bank established in 2015 in Denmark and today Lunar has more than 200,000 users in the Nordics, offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo and +200 employees.




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