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Visit Mini-Europe in Namhae Korea

The beautiful islands of Namhae situated on the southern coast of Korea, over twelve hours away by flight from Europe, represent a small Europe with exotic sceneries.

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Celebrating the Visit Namhae County Year in 2022 , Namhae Foundation for Tourism and Culture introduces the best Namhae tourist attractions.

Namhae German Village: A Romantische Strasse, Rothenburg of Germany

Since its completion in 2003, the village’s white walls and orange-colored roofs became the symbol of Namhae, while beautifully tended gardens, German restaurants, beer pubs, and craft shops embody an exotic atmosphere. The German Village Beer Festival held in the village plaza in October is well-known in Korea.

Seomi Garden: Giverny of France, the Garden of Claude Monet

Beautiful scenery of four different seasonal flowers in bloom on stepped terrace fields overlooks the azure sea of Namhae. Built in the style of a European garden, Seomi Garden is reminiscent of Giverny, France, where the home with a garden of Impressionist painter Claude Monet is situated. Seomi Garden is an ideal location to take the most memorable photographs.

Gacheon Daraengi Village: Positano along the Amalfi Coast of Italy

The sight of the terraced paddy fields on the mountain slope facing the blue sea, alongside Amsubawi rocks, gives off an age-old sentiment unique to this village. Like Positano, there are steep steps to a village where visitors can walk along narrow winding roads in between low-rise buildings.

Namhae Yangtte Farm: The Alps of Switzerland

Namhae Yangtte Farm, located in a mountain, is comprised of a rolling plain dotted with white sheep under the blue sky and naturally echoes the vibes of the Alps. Visitors can pleasantly experience shepherding and feeding a herd of sheep or watch the famous shepherd dog Border Collies at work. The area comes with a trail lined with cypress trees.

Village House N Garden: Europe in One Place

House N Garden is a village built by 20 gardeners with 21 unique houses and gardens inspired by cultural themes of diverse countries. Visitors can enjoy a stroll and watch beautiful gardening works in homes along with sculptural and topiary gardens. Visitors can also find gardens inspired by Japanese and New Zealand cultures.

Balmy in winter and cool in summer, Namhae’s ideal climatic conditions make it an ideal travel destination: .



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