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MT Højgaard Holding A/S: Enemærke & Petersen awarded strategic partnership agreement

MT Højgaard Holding’s business unit, Enemærke & Petersen, has won the Funen-based social housing organisation Civica’s tender for a multi-year strategic partnership for renovation and construction projects comprising an estimated total value of DKK 3 billion. It is expected that Civica will enter into the agreement with Enemærke & Petersen after the end of the standstill period.

Enemærke & Petersen will perform the work in close cooperation with Erik Arkitekter A/S, Oluf Jørgensen A/S, SWECO Danmark A/S, Kant Arkitekter and Bymunch By- og Landskabsdesign ApS.

The tender does not change MT Højgaard Holding’s previously announced 2020 outlook, but it will contribute significantly to the group’s long-term, sustainable development in the coming years. MT Højgaard Holding will publish its annual report 2020 and the outlook for 2021 on 24 February 2021.

Additional information:
CEO Morten Hansen and CFO Martin Solberg can be contacted on telephone +45 22 70 93 65.


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