Mobolize CTO William Chow Presents How the Mobile Device Is Ground Zero for Security at MWC "Network Security" Panel

Network Security Panel, Wednesday, February 24, Hall 4, Auditorium 4, 11:00 - 12:00

BARCELONA, SPAIN--(Marketwired - Feb 17, 2016) - Mobile World Congress - William Chow, CTO and co-founder of Mobolize, will be part of the "Network Security" panel discussion at Mobile World Congress. He will explain that the best location for mobile security that successfully blocks malware and prevents snooping in real time is on the mobile device itself.

"The mobile platform is ground zero, the place where devices can be secured at the end point of the wireless data path," said Chow. "It's the safest and best location."

Chow will review the current weaknesses of mobile security as implemented by mobile operators, device manufacturers and app developers. He will demonstrate how they are often the cause of security issues because of delayed security patches, enabling government data taps and the inability of apps to do more than scan downloads as the process to identify issues. Specific instances will be reviewed regarding the security problems of pervasive monitoring, Wi-Fi snooping, ransomware and the Stagefright exploit.

The best model for protecting mobile data will be defined by examining the end-to-end mobile data security path. Various methods of controlling mobile data, such as VPNs and proxies, will be compared, along with how security apps can be built on these foundations. He will conclude with reviewing real world results of implementing mobile security on mobile devices.

"Too often, current or legacy mobile security solutions regard the mobile device as the last link in the chain, when in fact it's the first link," said Chow. "The place where the user makes requests for data is the most vulnerable, and that's the device itself."

The panel will discuss different approaches, and the most promising opportunities, of how data and network security techniques will ensure that networks are robust and trustworthy. Chow joins Eddie Garcia, Chief Security Architect, Cloudera; Dave Palmer, Director, Technology, Darktrace; and Dr. Anand Prasad, Executive Specialist, Chief Advanced Technologist, NEC. Nik Willetts, Deputy CEO and Chief Digital Officer, TM Forum, will moderate the panel. According to MWC conference management, there were over 200 proposals for this panel, indicating intense interest in this topic.

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