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ASI DATAMYTE Announces Partnership with NEXTSENSE, Global Leader in Profile Measurement and Surface Inspection

ASI DATAMYTE, Inc., the leader in global quality management solutions, announces today a multinational partnership with NEXTSENSE GmbH, the leader in the production of laser-based profile measurement solutions for manufacturers, worldwide. The automotive industry is evolving with more complex designs using a broader variety of materials; which is creating the need for a more comprehensive measurement solutions for ensuring accuracy, inspection thoroughness and operator repeatability. As part of this new relationship, ASI DATAMYTE will now support this market need by offering CALIPRI product line to the automotive industry.

“CALIPRI is one of the fastest-growing, scalable, non-contact measurement solutions in the market,” said Sven Tetzlaff, ASI DATAMYTE GmbH head of product and general manager. “We are confident the combination of CALIPRI and our expertise, technology and client base, creates unmatched value for automotive companies looking to produce higher quality products. We will now have a streamlined solution using one technology supporting the inline and automated measurement throughout the production process.”

“We are committed to continuing our investments and innovation in our state-of-the-art optical sensor technology that will empower the future of ASI DATAMYTE’s clients and distributors,” said Clemens Gasser, chief executive officer, NEXTSENSE GmbH. “We are looking forward to watching our partnership redefine quality measurement and data collection across the globe.”


ASI DATAMYTE Inc. provides integrated software, hardware and services for driving best-in-class quality in manufacturing. Refining its solutions for more than 40 years, ASI DATAMYTE is serving the largest, most prestigious manufacturers with localized solutions on a global basis. ASI DATAMYTE is headquartered in Plymouth, MN, with offices and support centers in more than 40 countries.


NEXTSENSE GmbH is a global leader in producing and distributing revolutionary solutions for profile measurement and surface inspection, called CALIPRI and SURFILES. All solutions are based on non-contact measurement technology which captures unbiased measurement data removing all outside variables based on differences between operators or environmental conditions. NEXTSENSE devices are used for gap and flush measurement of automotive bodies, wear measurement of railway wheelsets and analyzing the surfaces of rolled steel. The client list ranges from international automobile manufactures (e.g. Volkswagen, Toyota, General Motors) to well-known international enterprises in the railway, steel and technology industry such as SNCF, AcelorMittal and Miele).


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