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Mindbreeze: Google Search Appliance to be discontinued

Now it’s official („So long Google Search Appliance “ – source: The Google Search Appliance (GSA) will be discontinued. It is now time for GSA customers and business partners to switch to a new enterprise search provider. Mindbreeze, a European leader in the field of enterprise search and big data, offers the perfect replacement with the Mindbreeze InSpire appliance.

"The move didn’t come as a surprise to us,” explains Daniel Fallmann, founder and CEO of Mindbreeze GmbH. “Our appliance provides a seamless transition. Customers won’t lose the GSA settings, which will be automatically migrated into our appliance. Mindbreeze InSpire not only takes on the existing configuration, it also supports the relevant GSA interfaces. Clients can even keep the GSA look and feel if they so desire. Additionally, Mindbreeze InSpire offers some extra high-end features", says Fallmann.

For instance, as standard, Mindbreeze InSpire, the European enterprise search appliance, offers over 450 connectors, open interfaces and configuration options, especially for relevance adaptation and contextualization. A comprehensive semantic pipeline (self-learning semantic analysis) ensures content comprehension. This allows the user a consolidated and continuously up-to-date view on any given topic, such as business cases, customers or products.

European customers such as Lufthansa, Deutsche Telekom and s.Oliver have already successfully implemented Mindbreeze InSpire. Together with customers from Latin America and the United States, this translates into many millions of users and often billions of documents that are already being searched with this appliance in the individual companies.

See more information about how Mindbreeze InSpire is the perfect GSA successor:


Mindbreeze, based in Austria, is a leading European provider of software products for enterprise search, big data and knowledge management. The products “understand” information and provide a consolidated view of corporate knowledge – regardless of where (data sources) and how (structured unstructured) this data is saved.


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