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Mindbreeze Receives Attestation in Accordance with BSI Cloud Requirements

Mindbreeze receives attestation for its Mindbreeze InSpire SaaS service according to the specifications of the C5 catalogue of requirements (Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalogue, abbreviated C5), published by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The Mindbreeze InSpire SaaS service is professionally operated in Mindbreeze data centers on behalf of the customers. The attestation was issued by KPMG Alpen-Treuhand GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Steuerberatungsgesellschaft.

“The number of cloud services in the field of data analysis is growing steadily. This makes it all the more essential for customers to take a closer look at the choice of suppliers. C5 provides the regulatorily defined IT security level, which is comparable to the IT basic protection level that is increased by cloud controls,” explains Klaus Schatz, Managing Director of KPMG Advisory GmbH.

C5 attestation (ISAE 3000 Report Type 2) is a recognized and authoritative verification for all customers who use Mindbreeze in the cloud (Mindbreeze InSpire SaaS), demonstrating the high level of information security in a verifiable way.

The BSI Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalogue stipulates the minimum requirements that cloud service providers must fulfill. The defined general parameters constitute a distinguishing feature of the BSI C5 and guarantee transparency with regard to the system description, jurisdiction, and locations of data storage, data processing, and data security, disclosure and investigatory powers, as well as certifications.

“For businesses that are already managing high volumes of data in cloud solutions, keeping them in the cloud and obtaining our service through the cloud is the best option. The data sources are connected via connectors in the usual way, the content is analyzed, correlations are recognized and then linked accordingly. In this way, we offer our customers the flexibility to choose how they want to implement Mindbreeze in their company,” explains Daniel Fallmann, founder and managing director of Mindbreeze.

About Mindbreeze
Mindbreeze is a leading provider of appliances and cloud services for enterprise search, applied artificial intelligence, and knowledge management. The insight engine understands information and offers a consolidated view of corporate knowledge – regardless of where (data sources) and how (structured, unstructured) the data is stored. Through a global network of partners, Mindbreeze covers all time zones.


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