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Martela Corporation's Board of Directors Organizational Meeting

The Board of Directors elected by Martela Corporation's Annual General Meeting had its organizational meeting after the Annual General Meeting and elected from among its members Johan Mild as the Chairman and Katarina Mellström as the Vice Chairman of the Board. Johan Mild was elected as the Chairman and Jan Mattson and Katarina Mellström were elected as the members of the HR and Compensation Committee. Anni Vepsäläinen was elected as the Chairman and Minna Andersson and Eero Martela as members of the Audit Committee. 

The Board has evaluated the independence of its members according to the Finnish Corporate Governance Code and determined that Minna Andersson, Eero Martela, Jan Mattsson, Katarina Mellström, Johan Mild and Anni Vepsäläinen are independent of the company and that Jan Mattson, Katarina Mellström, Johan Mild and Anni Vepsäläinen are independent of the company's largest shareholders.

In Helsinki, March 18, 2021

Martela Borad of Directors

Artti Aurasmaa, CEO

For more information, please contact Artti Aurasmaa, CEO, tel. +358 45 186 1775

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Our strategic direction is defined by our mission "Better working" and our vision "People-centric workplaces". Martela provides people centric workplaces where the users and their wellbeing are in the core. We focus on the Nordic countries, as the Nordic countries are forerunner in hybrid working environments with common open work culture background and needs.

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