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Martela Renews Its Leadership Team

Martela will restructure its leadership team to reflect the ongoing market change and accelerate the implementation of the strategy in selected core business areas.

 "The entire business is undergoing the significant change. The accelerating need for diverse work and learning environments and increasing environmental awareness are changing customers’ purchasing behavior, influencing the way we design, sell and maintain the products and services. Martela’s lifecycle model responds to this demand, seamlessly supporting the circular economy and sustainability." says CEO Artti Aurasmaa.

The new Leadership Team will take effect on March 1, 2021, and consists of the following functions and leadership team members, led by CEO Artti Aurasmaa:

  • The Brand & Design business unit is responsible for brand and product portfolio management and marketing. Kari Leino has been appointed to lead the unit.
  • Martela Design Studio business unit is responsible for the planning and development of work and learning environment projects. Eeva Terävä has been appointed to lead the unit.
  • Operations business unit is responsible for production and supply chain management. Ville Taipale will continue to lead the unit.
  • Sales unit is responsible for global sales operations and customer service. Johan Westerlund will continue to lead the unit.
  • Business Support unit is responsible for finance, human resources and IT. Kalle Lehtonen will continue to lead the unit.

"I am very pleased that we found inside Martela new leaders for the key roles. Kari Leino's in-depth expertise in brand and design and Eeva Terävä's extensive experience in the concept design and implementation of user-centric workplace solutions will help us to strengthen the growth of our core business. I warmly welcome Kari and Eeva to our management team to build Martela’s next phase." says CEO Artti Aurasmaa.

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Our strategic direction is defined by our mission "Better working" and our vision "People-centric workplaces". Martela provides people centric workplaces where the users and their wellbeing are in the core. We focus on the Nordic countries, as the Nordic countries are forerunner in hybrid working environments with common open work culture background and needs.

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