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Haier Partners with dbx-tv® to Deliver Superior Audio Quality in Television Lineup

dbx-tv ® today announced a partnership with Haier , the world’s number one appliance manufacturer, to deliver the best sound possible in Haier televisions. Haier will apply dbx-tv’s Total Technology audio enhancement suite to several of their high-end TV models sold in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Total Technology enhancement, used by more than 31 brands in 50+ countries, provides deep, captivating audio to match the superior picture quality of high-definition television sets, eliminating the need for external speakers or sound bars.

Haier will include in their latest TVs three key digital signal processing (DSP) audio technologies from dbx-tv, including:

  • Total Sonics™ – allows built-in speakers to generate crisp, detailed sound with deeper bass and decreased distortion, resulting in sound that matches today’s advanced displays.
  • Total Surround™ – delivers immersive surround sound through the existing TV speakers transforming dull and lifeless TV sound into an enveloping audio experience.
  • Total Volume™ – tames loudness spikes and intensifies quiet dialog, creating a consistent and enjoyable listening experience.

“Delivering high quality sound in addition to stunning picture quality is the pinnacle of Haier’s promise to our customers. We could only accomplish that by using Total Technology processing from dbx-tv,” said Pierre-André Denis, Consumer Electronics Marketing & Outsourcing Manager, Haier Europe . “We’re proud to offer consumers an audio experience that greatly enhances their overall TV viewing experience.”

“Haier sees the world through the eyes of its customers and knows that they expect great audio as well as picture in today’s competitive TV market,” said Les Tyler, President of THAT Corporation (dbx-tv’s parent). “Adding dbx-tv audio enhancement to their latest TVs allows Haier to give consumers everything they want in home entertainment.”

dbx-tv’s Total Technology processing is customized to suit each specific TV set’s speakers, amplifiers, and cabinet. This results in an acoustic performance that complements the display performance of the most advanced televisions. TVs with integrated Total Technology enhancement sound as if they are equipped with much bigger, more powerful speakers than consumers would expect to find built in to today’s ultra-thin TVs.

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About Haier
Established in 1984, Haier is the world's No. 1 major appliance brand. It has transformed from an enterprise that manufactures household appliances to a platform that incubates entrepreneurs for the whole society. In the Internet age, Haier aims to become a Networked Enterprise which overturns its self-contained enclosed system and fits into the Internet as a node that can connect various resources, with a view to building post-e-commerce ecosystems based on user value interaction for co-creation and winning together to add value for all stakeholders.

About dbx-tv
dbx-tv’s DSP audio enhancement solutions extract the best possible sound from TVs and other consumer devices, even those with the tightest of design constraints. Originating in the 1980s, dbx-tv first developed the Emmy®-award winning BTSC noise-reduction system that became part of the North and South American analog-TV audio standard. dbx-tv’s latest DSP offering – known as Total Technology – is enabling the best possible sound from TVs and powered speakers worldwide. dbx-tv is headquartered outside Boston, with representation in Shanghai, Tokyo, and Seoul. For more information, visit and follow @dbxtv on Twitter.

Total Technology, Total Sonics, Total Volume, and Total Surround are trademarks of THAT Corporation. dbx-tv and THAT Corporation are registered trademarks.


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