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Lilium Otsuka: Lilium® α-200, a Continuous Urine Volume Sensor, Will Be Launched in Japan

Lilium Otsuka Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd. will begin selling the Lilium® α-200, a continuous, non-invasive bladder urine volume sensor, on November 2, 2015.

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This product makes it possible to continuously monitor urination schedules in patients who have lost the urge to urinate. It is anticipated that this will alleviate the need for daily, lifestyle-restricting indwelling bladder (“Foley”) catheters and the anxiety of incontinence.

Problems with urination independence and control are known to determine the ability of patients to return home from the hospital, and impose a heavy burden on nursing and caregiving services. Lilium α-200 is expected to greatly contribute to the improvement of patient quality of life, and to reduce labor and improve the efficacy of those engaged in nursing and caregiving. Further, Lilium Otsuka expects to make a significant contribution to holistic treatments which impact the dignity of patients.

“For patients with loss of urge or urinary difficulty, the beauty of this product lies in its ability to accurately monitor the size of the bladder (a measure of volume of urine retained in the bladder) and the ability to schedule bathroom trips or self-catheterization.” said Dr. Osamu Yokoyama M.D., Ph.D., president of the Japanese Continence Society and professor on the Faculty of Medical Sciences, the University of Fukui, “As the Japanese Continence Society initiates a certified physician system next year to begin training doctors who can professionally manage continence care, this device is thought to provide a good method to support discharge of patients to their homes.”

About Lilium Otsuka

Lilium Otsuka is a subsidiary company of Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd. (TOKYO:4578) established in Kanagawa, Japan. It is dedicated to standardizing the practice of measuring urinary volume as a “fifth vital sign” through developing innovative bladder health products.

About Lilium ® α-200

Lilium® α-200 is an innovative, hand-held urine volume sensor which works with two AA batteries. The device measures not only bladder urine residual but also provides alerts on appropriate timing for clean-intermittent catheterization through continuous urine volume measurement.


Keiko Yoshimura
Lilium Otsuka Co., Ltd.
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