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Lift Ocean to launch hydrofoil concept at major maritime event


Utilization of new technology will be a game changer for passenger transport at sea. Plans are revealed this week at Singapore Maritime Week, a major maritime event. Central in this plan is Lift Ocean, a Norwegian start-up company.

Will present in Singapore

Global energy infrastructure company Yinson, and the Norwegian technology start up Lift Ocean AS, are unveiling a novel hydrofoil technology concept at Singapore Maritime Week 2021. The technology is poised to revolutionise passenger and cargo transport at sea.

With Lift Ocean’s advanced hydrofoil technology, fully electric and high-speed passenger boats could soon become a reality. By lifting the boat above the water using the foil, water resistance is reduced significantly, making electrical power a viable option compared to conventional combustion engines.

Together with Yinson, Lift Ocean has developed a “foiling” concept boat for passenger transport. This plays a central role Yinson’s overall mobility concept. The 12-meters long boat can carry 12 people at a cruising speed of 20-25 knots. It has a long range and is completely electric. The first application is to serve as a harbour craft in the port of Singapore, the world's second busiest port.

"We are delighted to have found Yinson as an industrial partner. This means we are not just challenged on the technology, but also the commercial aspects that are key to driving a sustainable solution. Now, we look forward to presenting our hydrofoil concept to the international shipping community", says founder and CEO Petter Mørland Pedersen of Lift Ocean.

Enables zero-emissions at sea

Small and large service boats that transport people and light cargo at international ports, are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. With increasing demand for zero-emissions solutions, Yinson sees great potential for the Norwegian technology.

Yinson Group Executive Vice President, New Ventures and Technology, Eirik Barclay complemented Lift Ocean on the work carried out so far and expressed his confidence that the partnership would lead to the development of many exciting collaboration projects in the future.

“Yinson’s Green Technologies Division is headquartered in Singapore – home to the second busiest port in the world. As a socially responsible business, our primary focus lies in driving decarbonisation efforts within the region’s maritime segment,” said Eirik, adding that the team was also investing into clean energy initiatives within the transport and energy business segments.

“Hydrofoils are a key enabling technology in developing zero-emission mobility at sea. The technology allows for long range and increased comfort while eliminating the disturbances from the wake of the vessel. Meanwhile, operating costs are reduced significantly.

“These are all reasons why we wanted to invest in hydrofoils as part of our HYDROGLYDER solution to electrify commercial passenger transport at sea. We see the potential for a large number of vessels in the port of Singapore alone” said an enthusiastic Srinivas Tati, VP of Business Development of Yinson Green Technologies.

Prototype to hit the water soon

“We have completed a concept study for Yinson where we see great technical and commercial benefits. Not only for applications in the port of Singapore, but in general as a concept. Asia in particular is a very exciting market right now and a lot is happening in passenger transport and increased use of waterways. Together with Yinson, we are now developing a full-scale prototype that will be ready to hit the water soon. This will be very valuable for developing the technology and the company further”, says Mørland Pedersen.


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Information om Lift Ocean AS

Lift Ocean AS
Lift Ocean AS

Lift Ocean develops hydrofoil-systems for boats. Founded by Petter Mørland Pedersen in 2019, the company has gathered solid investors in a short time and attracted interest from international companies to develop hydrofoil-systems. Lift Ocean’s technology can reduce the energy costs of a high-speed boat by up to 90 per cent, enabling zero-emission solutions.

CEO of Lift Ocean, Petter Mørland Pedersen, is a former Olympic sailor with several medals from Norwegian, European and World championships. He is an educated engineer and has spent almost 10 years working for the Norwegian engineering company Aker Solutions.

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