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Change at the helm of LaPresse: Alessia Lautone new Editor-in-Chief

MILAN, Italy, Feb. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "We have far better things ahead of us on top of what we have already accomplished", said President of LaPresse Marco Durante, adding: "Everyone can see what we have done, the goals we have achieved in just 18 months!"

New transformations, new objectives and goals for the LaPresse News and Communication Agency, which is announcing a change and reorganisation of its top management.

As of today, Tuesday 16 February, Alessia Lautone will take over as Editor-in-Chief. She will be joined by Nicola Assetta, who will transition from Deputy Editor-in-Chief into the role of Co-Editor-in-Chief, with the aim of enhancing LaPresse's strengths and tradition. Strengthening the leadership of the LaPresse editorial team will be Caterina Parise, in the role of Deputy Editor in charge of coordinating the news agency.

The new Editor-in-Chief, a 54-year-old Roman with two grown-up children, joins LaPresse after 18 years at Adnkronos, seven of which as Editor-in-Chief.

"I am moving to Milan to undertake a challenge that makes me proud and excites me. After 18 years at a press agency, seven of which at management level, I am now joining LaPresse, a unique reality in the Italian publishing panorama. It is a company with extraordinary potential, with a strong international vocation and a powerful multimedia aptitude, capable of making significant investments despite the current difficult situation. I would like to thank Marco Durante, whose courage is all the more significant at a time when our nation is strengthening its leadership in Europe and the world", said Alessia Lautone.

She will be working alongside by Nicola Assetta, who will move from Deputy Editor-in-Chief to Co-Editor-in-Chief. Born in Turin, Assetta worked for many years in France, where he was Editor-in-Chief of Euronews. He then led the Digital Content Department of the RCS MediaGroup.

"I would like to thank the President for the renewed confidence and I welcome Editor-in-Chief Lautone. Today, more than ever, our Agency is driven and committed to new goals. We need to innovate while guaranteeing professionalism and reliability. LaPresse is at the forefront with its journalists, videographers, photographers and the entire agency team, which is becoming more solid and efficient every day", said Nicola Assetta.

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